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Word on the Street: What is your craziest dorm story?

A UNC dorm room is pictured on June 15, 2022.

Roommate drama, loud noises and late-night fire drills are some of the many defining experiences of on-campus life. Staff writer Zora Hollie asked students: “What is your craziest dorm story?”

Eric Perry, sophomore exercise and sports science major 

One time I woke up on a Saturday morning, and there were six people sleeping in our common space. I didn’t know any of them.” 

Aditi Deshpande, first-year neuroscience and biology major 

We had a 2 a.m. fire drill and we had to walk outside in the cold.”

Zachary Rose, first-year political science major 

“I was with my friends. We walked up literally one flight of stairs. It was so late, we were so tired. And we just go over into the lobby, and then there were just so many people and they were having a party in the kitchen of [Hinton James Residence Hall].” 

Sana Deshpande, first-year pre-business and public policy major 

Our toilet breaks about once a month and just doesn’t flush, and we have to call maintenance.”

Rose Anim, junior computer science major 

The girls that lived next to me would puke in the bathroom and not clean it up.”

Nathan Remmy, sophomore business administration major 

Our whole dorm had to be evacuated, and it was midnight and I had an exam at 8 a.m. the next morning.” 

Janessa Jackson, first-year biology major 

Being woken up at 12:45 in the morning to people playing their guitar really loud outside. And I live in the same suite as my RA, so I knocked on my RA’s door and she just didn’t answer.” 

Hailey Rodriguez, first-year journalism major 

There was a small incident at my dorm where someone decided to smoke in the bathroom, and so we had to try and figure out how to open the window so it's not reeking up the whole hall — but then the window got stuck, so we had to find somebody else to help us close it.” 

Bradley Duva, first-year pre-business major 

During the field hockey national championship game, I was in a little study breakout room — and I knew it was going on, but I wanted to do some homework first. But every two minutes, I just heard yelling and cheers. It was pretty crazy. And then we won the game.” 

Hawa Tejan-Sie, first-year global health and anthropology major 

“Me and my friend were in Morrison and we were hungry, so we got the Buldak ramen, but it was the 2x spicy. The regular one is already really spicy, but we got the 2x spicy because we didn’t have a clue in the world. I was like, 'Are you sure we should put in the whole spice pack?' and she was like 'Yeah, it's fine, it's fine.' So we put them both, and the first bite and my mouth was already on fire — but never back down, never give up. So, we eat it and I see steam coming out of my ears and my mouth is on fire, everything is cloudy, it's just just like, you keep eating. Then, [the next morning], I was demolished just so bad.

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