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Thursday January 20th

Pit Talk

Eight Broadway show tunes that describe the college struggle

College is hard. I get that.

For me belting a good Broadway show tune in the shower after a long day is therapeutic… not so much for my suitemates who have to listen to it.

You see, show tunes are essentially my second language. At any given moment I could break out in song. Those who know me have learned to expect that sort of thing from me.

I guess these songs just get me. They articulate what I am feeling so much better than my own words could. Not just the lyrics but also the emotion behind them as well.

I once heard that when speaking isn't enough we sing and when singing isn't enough we dance.

You know, maybe it’s just time for me to move to New York and pursue my dream of being a Broadway actress. 

Nevertheless, here are eight Broadway show tunes that every college student can identify with:

1. "What is this feeling?" from "Wicked"

Source: Wikia

Can’t stand your roommate? The cast of Wicked gets you.

Context: Elphaba (aka the Wicked Witch of the West in her prime) and Glinda the future Good Witch of the North are assigned to be roommates in college. Here is the number where they sing about how much they hate each other. Maybe you should try this with your roommate. It might make you feel better. Confrontation at its finest.

2. "It’s the hard knock life" from "Annie"

Source: Giphy

How I feel every time I sit down to do homework.

Context: First of all, if you haven’t seen this classic, I have no words. In this number the orphans are worked to the bone and are cleaning the orphanage because the owner, Ms. Hannigan is the worst. Any other students feeling a little over worked? This song is true now more than ever heading into final season.

3. "I Won't Grow Up" from "Peter Pan"

Source: Bucking Trends

I am sure every one has called their mom crying at some point telling them how they don’t want to grow up because the real world is scary. Bills are scary.

Context: Yes, "Peter Pan" was a play and then a Broadway musical before Disney bought it and turned it into a trademark film. In this number Peter gives a lesson to the lost boys on how not to grow up.

I wish they taught that here. It would be the most taken course.

P.S. Want a good show on the origins of Peter Pan, check out the soundtrack for "Finding Neverland" starring Matthew Morrison. It’s hype.

4. "One Day More" from "Les Miserables"

Source: Quick Meme

More like one week more. ALMOST TO THE END GUYS!

Context: In the piece the cast of "Les Mis" prepares to fight in the French revolution. Only one day more before the battle begins.

At UNC every day is a battle but lets just keep singing One Day More anyway

5. "Seize the Day" from "Newsies"

Source: Dance Spirit

Sometimes in the morning I walk to the beat of this song playing in my head. #thingsconfidentpeopledodaily

Context: In this number, the paper brigade has decided to take charge of their future and do what they think is right (in this case boycotting the paper). You can do that too! Don't let anything hold you back. Seize the day!

6. "I Hope I Get It" from "A Chorus Line"

Source: LA Times

For all you seniors applying for jobs and everyone else trying to get a good internship.

Context: The opening number to "A Chorus Line" that is relatable for anyone trying to get a job minus all of the dance breaks.

7. "Tomorrow" from "Annie"

Source: cityTsar

Annie, you lift me up when I can’t see the sun on the horizon because I am drowning in work.

Context: Annie is probably the most optimistic girl there is out there. In this song she is roaming the streets of NYC because she ran way from the orphanage in the middle of winter. Idol.

8. "Let It Go" from "Frozen"

Source: Youtube

At the end of the day, all you can do is just let it go. Most things are out of our control anyway, right?

Context: If you don’t know this song you have been living under a rock. If you haven’t seen the movie head to the nearest Redbox now.

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