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Monday January 24th

Pit Talk

10 thoughts you have during a standing room only concert

Standing room only concerts always seem like a great idea. And they're usually fun, but there are certain thoughts we all have while standing amongst 400 strangers packed in a room together. 

Here are a few that came to my mind:

1. Is the opener really still playing? Who even is this guy?

2. I am so bored...How much are drinks? Red Bull Vodka for $9.50? Yeah sure, why not? Gotta make it through the opener somehow.

3. Wow, I cannot see anything... I should've worn those platform shoes after all. Thanks for the advice, Rachel.

4. Ohh that guy is kinda cute... Oh wait, I think he's in high school. Bummer.

5. Is this the line to meet the band?! Oh no, it's the bathroom line...I think I'll just hold it.

6. OMG THE BAND IS ON! They're on!! Why wasn't I waiting at the front for them like a rational person? I am so far away. How do I get closer? I HAVE to get closer!

7. Oh wait that's Maddie! "MADDIE??" All right, she can't hear me. I'll just drift through these people. They won't even notice I'm passing by.

8. Okay, they noticed but I got through. Why does this girl keep running into me? I'll give her a piece of mind...Oh wait, that is a big girl. I'll just let her through.

9. Why is that guy so sweaty? And why does he have to stand so close to me? I wonder how many people have brushed up against me, that's disgusting.

10. It's over?!? "ENCORE!!" Oh they already gave an encore? Okay, time to go I guess. Wait where is everyone? Also where is the exit? There's Sara, "Sara!! Do you think our Uber driver will let us drive thru Wendy's?"

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