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Monday January 24th

Pit Talk

10 Harry Potter spells college students would find useful​

It's no secret that college students love convenience. If college students had access to spells from the Harry Potter series, life would be much easier for them. 

Here's a list of 10 spells that would be especially useful to lazy college students:

1. Accio

This spell is used to retrieve an object that is not within reach. College students can use this spell to retrieve their phone from across the room when they are too tired to get out of bed and grab it.

2. Feather-light charm 

This spell can make any object as light as a feather. It would be a great way to show off at the gym without actually having to lift those heavy weights.

3. Alohomora

Lost your keys? No problem. Use this spell to unlock your door — or any door for that matter.

4. Cheering charm

This spell causes the victim to immediately become happy. Possible uses include cheering up a cranky friend or a professor who is displeased with recent test scores.

5. Flying spell 

This is an obvious one. College students could charm any broom in their house to fly them to class — no walking necessary. 

6. Aguamenti

This spell creates water and would be especially useful on hot days, or anytime a student is hungover and desperately in need of that H2O.

7. Sonorous

This spell works like a megaphone to amplify one's voice. Useful to anybody trying to make an announcement in the Pit or the dining hall.

8. Hour-reversal spell

This spell would allow students to go back in time up to five hours. This spell would be convenient for additional study time or changing decisions a student might regret.

9. Muffliato

This spell produces buzzing noises in the victim's ear. Muffliato could be used to keep someone from hearing a secret conversation. 

10. Reparo

This spell can be used to mend any object. Especially handy to fix a book bag, crushed iPhone or CD.

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