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Saturday June 3rd

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors makes policy decisions for the UNC system and all of its constituent institutions. The board also elects the president of the UNC system — currently Thomas Ross — who oversees the system’s administrative affairs. The N.C. General Assembly elects all 32 voting members of the board to four-year terms. There are non-voting members as well, such as former board chairmen, former governors and the president of the Association of Student Governments.

Committees are often appointed to discuss certain issues. Some of those standing committees include one for audits, budget and finance, educational planning, policies and programs, personnel and tenure, public affairs, strategic directions and university governance. 

House bill could eliminate tenure in the UNC System, faculty see it as a threat to academic freedom

N.C. House Bill 715, or The Higher Ed. Modernization & Affordability Act, aims to end faculty tenure at all UNC System universities and community colleges. Many UNC professors have expressed alarm at the legislation. A letter with over 670 signatures said the faculty are concerned by the “interference and overreach” of the N.C. legislature, UNC Board of Governors and UNC-Chapel Hill Board of Trustees into academic freedom and shared governance at the University.  “(The state legislature) challenged the core operations of the University —  teaching, research, hiring, tenure — everything that we take seriously, everything that's vital to the institution, is being challenged in a new way here,” history professor Jay Smith said. “And, we just wanted to raise our voices in protest.”

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The Old Well and the South Building are pictured on campus on Nov. 17, 2021.

Board of Governors give service award, discuss equitable enrollment

The UNC Board of Governors full board meeting on Thursday approved the appointments of numerous Board of Trustee members for universities within the UNC System. The governors recognized an honoree for the faculty service award and discussed equitable enrollment of low-income and rural students. In his last official report, UNC student and Governor Raymond Palma highlighted some of the UNC Association of Student Governments' achievements this year. 

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Op-ed: UE Local 150 comes out in defense of academic freedom

"As workers of UNC, without whom the University cannot operate, we believe that the University should be a public good, producing research and an educated workforce and citizenry for the benefit of the State of North Carolina. We are certain that this role cannot be accomplished in the absence of academic freedom, or in the presence of political intervention in University affairs. We demand both governing boards take a step back, stick to their traditional roles, and let us do our work."

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Letter: Housekeepers deserve a living wage and free parking

"Nonwhite people and immigrants are highly overrepresented in the housekeeping profession which can add layers of racism and xenophobia to exploitation from employers who treat them more like replaceable tools and less like human beings worthy of a fair wage, a safe working environment and acceptable living conditions."

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NCSU Professor Bonnie Fusarelli gives her acceptance speech after receiving the Holshouser Award during the UNC Board of Governors meeting at the UNC System Office on Thursday, Feb. 23, 2023.

UNC Board of Governors talk mental health grant, increased funding

The UNC Board of Governors recognized an honoree of a faculty service award and discussed enrollment challenges at its Thursday board meeting.  In his report, UNC System President Peter Hans spoke about the mental health crisis and expanding initiatives to combat it. The BOG also discussed no tuition increases for resident undergraduate students.   

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DTH Photo Illustration. The Kenan-Flagler Business School has raised its fees.

Editorial: A deep dive into the proposed Kenan-Flagler fee increase

"But the fee increase might produce more positive outcomes than anticipated, even down to helping diversify the undergraduate business program student body. While the cost increase will put some students in difficult financial positions and possibly deter concerned applicants, it could also open up the opportunity for more low-income candidates to attend the school."

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