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Thursday June 1st

Campus Health Services

DTH Photo Illustration. Ella is an emergency contraceptive, to be taken within 72 hours after unprotected sex in order to prevent pregnancy.

How accessible are contraceptives on UNC's campus?

Contraceptives — including condoms, emergency contraception pills and birth control — can lead to safer sex and fewer accidental pregnancies, but some UNC students struggle to access them, whether because of cost, privacy or awareness.  Find out where the University offers free contraceptives and access to birth control methods on campus. 

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Student reviews monkeypox Frequently Asked Questions on UNC's Campus Health website on Aug. 13, 2022.

UNC health experts explain the monkeypox outbreak

The recent international monkeypox outbreak prompted the federal declaration of a public health emergency.  With 138 cases reported to the CDC in North Carolina as of Aug. 13, local government authorities and University administrative members are actively working to address the situation.

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Senior psychology major Juliet Alegria "double masks" to study in Davis Library on Friday, Jan. 7, 2022.

UNC announces updated COVID-19 policies for fall semester return

UNC announced updated COVID-19 policies for the fall 2022 semester in a campus-wide email Friday. The University will not have any testing requirements for asymptomatic individuals on campus and will no longer provide voluntary asymptomatic testing.  Students who test positive for COVID and are living in residence halls can isolate at home or in their residence hall room. The University is not requiring vaccine attestation or re-entry testing, but both are encouraged. 

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A patron scans his hand through a MorphoWave reader to access the Student Recreation Center on Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2022.

Campus Rec adds new option for contactless check-in to facilities

UNC campus recreation centers are offering a new check-in system called MorphoWave that allows students to check into facilities using only their hands. “You don’t have to have your ID with you and worry about putting it in a locker,” Goa said. “The feedback we’ve gotten from students that are utilizing them has been very very positive.”

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High school senior and Chapel Hill resident Maliah Austine receives her first dose of a COVID-19 vaccination at the Friday Center  on Monday, Mar. 22, 2021. Austine,  a member of N.C. vaccination Group 3, has been working at her in-person job for several months during the pandemic.

A look back at UNC's COVID-19 vaccine response

The first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine were administered to front-line healthcare workers about a year ago, with no knowledge of when college-aged students would be eligible for the vaccine. As of November 30, the University has reported that 94 percent of the student body and 90 percent of all employees are fully vaccinated.

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