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Monday March 20th


DTH Photo Illustration. Duke Energy's power grids failing most of Wake County during the coldest days of the year last month calls for establishing public electric utilities.

Column: Down with Duke (Energy)

"Wide-scale blackouts because a company ran out of electricity during a weather event they had the potential to know about far ahead of time is not inevitable, nor is it something that we should accept. Duke Power does not deserve to continue existing. Private electric utility companies shouldn’t exist. Period."

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A year in review: reflecting on the old and the new

2022 brought both old and new to the UNC and greater Chapel Hill-Carrboro community. History repeated itself through championship runs and midterm elections, while the lifting of COVID restrictions saw UNC students return to the classroom without a mask requirement for the first time since the spring of 2020.  The Daily Tar Heel has put together a collection of the biggest stories from throughout the year for our audience. 

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DTH Photo Illustration. A set of books in the Davis Library with different subjects such as English, art, and journalism.

Column: Dear humanities majors...

Not everyone can solve for X, familiarize themselves with the anatomy of the human body or engineer software. But not everyone can analyze Shakespeare, do archival research or move a crowd with just their words either. You have been bestowed with skills that make you unique and have been placed exactly where you are meant to be. 

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DTH Photo Illustration. If you are the type of person that has a problem with everyone, then maybe you are the problem.

Column: Maybe you are the problem.

"Once you take a moment to recognize that you very well could be the problem, it becomes significantly easier to build back bridges that you once burned, and form healthier relationships with people around you."

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DTH Photo Illustration. Ticketmaster uses "dynamic" ticketing to change prices to match demand for tickets.

Column: Dynamic ticketing is a barrier to enjoying live music

"Ticketmaster paints their strategy of dynamic pricing and platinum ticketing as a practice that supports both fans and artists alike and protects them from villainous third-party sellers. But in actuality, it prioritizes revenue above all else — revenue that goes directly into the pockets of artists and Ticketmaster executives."

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The meditation room in the Student Union, which is a great place to escape the chaos of life, is pictured on Monday, Oct. 10, 2022.

Column: Vipassana meditation changed my life

"Unlike other types of meditation which rely on visualization, verbalization and other sensory aids, Vipassana focuses solely on the observation of physical sensations. By emphasizing the interconnectedness of the mind and body, I've found that it can be useful for young people."

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Photo Courtesy of Michelle Seucan.

Column: The Chinese character 'biang' and what it means to me

"From my many years at the Chinese school, I have developed an intimate relationship with the many complexities and simple pleasures of my culture — from language and conversation to traditional dances and costumes. I've uncovered the various parts of humanity through the lessons of discipline, global understanding, storytelling and communication. To me, biang is representative of the diverse aspects of humanity, a story told through numerous building blocks of history. "

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