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Friday July 23rd

Arts & Culture

Third `Park' Proves Dull

Two of Five Stars Remember when "Star Wars: Episode I -- The Phantom Menace" came out? Everyone thought the story was pretty good, but Jar-Jar Binks was an annoying nuisance in the film, only a source of cheap comic relief aimed at kids. The same holds true in "Jurassic Park III." Unlike "Jurassic Park," the second sequel relies on stupid, childlike comedy that cheapens the film with shallow laughs and a shallower plot.

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Alumnus Returns to Shoot Film

"The Pink House," an independent film shot in and inspired by Chapel Hill, is described as "Woody Allen does `Animal House.'" It defies all natural law. And it doesn't stop there. The film's writer-director, UNC alumnus Ian Williams, is a native Californian who lives in New York but still considers himself a Southerner after spending nearly a decade in Chapel Hill. In a similar manner, the film's crew is an odd yet fascinating clash of Los Angeles, New York and North Carolina cultures.

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`Sweethearts' Parodies Itself

Four of Five Stars When the movie industry wakes up after a night out on the town, stares at the mirror and thinks long and seriously about itself, the result can sometimes be, well, anything but serious. Thus, director Joe Roth brings us "America's Sweethearts," a movie about the people who make movies, and one of this summer's most endearing comedies.

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