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Monday September 27th


DTH Photo Illustration. With more and more collegiate sports seasons commencing during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, raising concerns about athlete safety and questions about liability.

Questions swirls around who is liable if a UNC athlete gets COVID-19

With the potential long-term health ramifications of COVID-19 — including potential heart and lung damage — having little legal precedent, it’s largely unclear what would happen if an athlete were to contract the disease and deal with these damages. At Penn State, around 15 percent of athletes showed heart problems following infection with the virus. While the long-term consequences of contracting COVID-19 are still largely unknown, there have been previous cases of college athletes filing lawsuits against universities and the NCAA after dealing with the brunt of long-term health complications following their collegiate careers. In 2019, a U.S. District Court judge granted final approval of a settlement that ended a class action lawsuit against the NCAA over concussions sustained during competition in NCAA-sanctioned events.

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