Babes who Blade, a popular UNC-based Facebook group, was archived on May 16, 2020, and deleted the next day.

'I've never been in a Facebook group that insane': The rise and fall of Babes Who Blade

There was the flurry of content warnings and the personal arguments playing out in the comments section, and the "outright demands" for emotional labor from people of color. There was the post about one user’s obese cat and another about being too pretty to make any friends. 

Babes Who Blade, a Facebook group, started as a joke in 2017 and became an encyclopedia of advice and online discussion for its nearly 8,000 members, most of them UNC students. Eventually, it was packed with problematic posts, outrageous questions and devolved into chaos.

But at the end of it all, the final blow for Babes Who Blade was one rule, one word and a few hours worth of comments.

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