11/12/2019 6:55pm

Editorial: Cancel Culture Abstract

"Generally, we’re very quick to adopt a holier-than-thou attitude and quickly cancel anyone who says or does one problematic thing — but is “canceling” effective?"

11/10/2019 8:51pm

Editorial: UNC covers up its racist past — literally

We’re tired of writing different versions of the same editorial, begging UNC to recognize the humanity of its marginalized students. At this point, it feels like we’re just screaming into the void. But more importantly, we know students of color are tired of living it.

11/7/2019 9:46pm

Editorial: Get BRT done

A better transit system will allow Chapel Hill to continue to develop as a town and improve the quality of life. BRT is the best solution we have to do it. Get it done. 

11/5/2019 8:11pm

Editorial: A closer look at the campus climate survey

 In our opinion, expecting the University to do as much as possible to make sure we don’t get sexually assaulted is not too much to ask. Nor is it too much to expect that our experiences are validated and investigated fairly.