11/15/2020 6:18pm

Op-ed: Secretary of the Faculty holds too much power

"It’s not just the gender and race of the holders of the office of Secretary that seem to carry forward the norms of an earlier era. It’s also the concentration of power in that office."

11/12/2020 9:22pm

trevor headshot.jpeg

Column: If COVID-19 were a YouTuber

"If COVID-19 were a YouTuber, it would be about time to cancel it."  COVID-19 as a YouTuber would be looking for more followers and sharing suggestions for your Thanksgiving holiday.

11/12/2020 7:09pm

Items from a student's dorm sits in a pile outside Hinton James Residence Hall on Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2020. Students began to move out of various residence halls on campus after the announcement that all undergraduate classes would be moving online for the Fall 2020 semester.

Editorial: Carolina Housing, do better

"This compromising position that Carolina Housing is forcing upon hundreds of students is wildly unfair, as it is nearly impossible to foresee the future of classes before you can even register for them."

11/9/2020 12:32pm


Column: Now is the time for civic grace

"For many on UNC’s campus, the election results are what we desired. However, the election itself is not the turning point or catalyst that sparks healing and unity. The turning point is on us. The catalyst is us. It is our intentionality to walk in civic grace every day."