8/30/2020 6:20pm


Column: Kevin G is a G

"Leaping into the coronavirus era with no clear precedent, Chancellor Guskiewicz has aimed to be transparent that nothing is straightforward, everything can change instantly and there is only so much humans can control."

8/30/2020 6:16pm

Opinion writer Rajee Ganesan poses for a portrait. Photo courtesy of Rajee Ganesan.

Column: Give WNBA players their credit

"It’s time for the WNBA administration and leaders in basketball to call for better pay equity and recognize the WNBA as the trailblazers they are — in athletics and in social justice."

8/30/2020 5:48pm

Op-ed: Local response to a global pandemic

"Local public health and emergency services officials have stepped up their efforts even more in response to the spike at UNC-Chapel Hill. Likewise, we all need to step up our own efforts as well. Each of us in Orange County is integral to the identity and success of this community. We are in this together. Let’s do this together."

8/27/2020 7:57pm

Op-ed: Why COVID-19 compels us to vote

"As NextGen’s UNC-Chapel Hill Fellows, we’re committed to helping our peers navigate the voting process, which like everything else, has become more complicated for many because of the coronavirus."

8/23/2020 7:33pm


Column: Dear sister, again

"And now you know that your experiences, your sufferings, your safety, your health and even your expensive learning — they are all pitted against the cold background of a university that could not be bothered to care."

8/20/2020 9:59pm

Ryan Smoot

Column: The BOG is greedy, but they're not stupid

"BOG members are greedy, but they are not as stupid as you’d imagine. They are fully aware that tens of thousands of students will move across North Carolina and the country, become infected and be abruptly sent back home."