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Column: Dear UNC Class of 2027


"Class of 2027, I would like to be completely transparent with you. I have asked several of my classmates what they wish they would’ve known before they decided to commit to UNC — the good, the bad and the ugly."


Editorial: UNC Ice Hockey is earning well-deserved respect


"As UNC Hockey looks forward to building off of the foundation they have constructed this season, whether it be getting more students involved, building an ice rink, or going NCAA DI, the program has begun carving their name into collegiate hockey, earning the respect they deserve."


Column: Avoiding police brutality on social media


"Nichols is not the first victim of police brutality whose final moments circulated on social media. While the video brought the case to national attention, galvanizing protests in some parts of the country, seeing police brutality shared on social media is uncomfortable and triggering."

The Daily Tar Heel

Op-ed: An open letter to Board of Governors from UE 150

"Public university workers across the state of North Carolina are standing up and fighting back. In spite of the fact that North Carolina is one of a handful of states nationwide that bans public sector collective bargaining, workers have been joining together and organizing to further their demands in record numbers."

Guillermo Screaming.JPG

Office DJ: Singing. Yelling, even.


" There’s nothing more cathartic than channeling your frustrations into a ballad you’re belting in an empty room in the middle of the night. Nothing like getting into the shower and pouring your sadness into a lament for someone’s long-lost love.  Nothing like taking a deep breath and then trying to match Whitney Houston note-for-note to get all that pressure off your chest, making you feel alive again."


Editorial: The University can better reckon with policing


"As a public institution – especially one designed to foster new ideas and complex conversations –  UNC needs to do a better job facilitating conversations about police brutality, protecting community members of color and highlighting the disparity in which police brutality impacts Black Americans."


Editorial: Get rich quick schemes versus college students


"College students have an obligation to stay vigilant of the signs of being recruited into a multi-level marketing scheme. Pitches to join sales teams can be from close friends or family members and incorporate buzzwords about the potential for success but do not let this confuse you from the detriment at stake."


Column: The ultimate guide to Valentine's Day


"Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and many of you are stressed. The special day dedicated to showing that special someone how you feel through a series of activities and gifts can be daunting. Especially if you're on a budget. Or if you're in a long-distance relationship. Or if you're in a new relationship. Or if you're not even in a relationship at all! Whether you are single, dating or not wanting to break the bank, I have the ultimate Valentine's Day guide for you."


Column: You should take yourself on a date


"If the goal of a Valentine’s date is to create a special and memorable experience, why should it exclude 126.9 million people? This goes to show how hard dating actually is. So if you’re exhausted from swiping right, I have a proposal that may turn things around: date yourself!"


Column: The expiration date on social security


"Generation Z and most Millennials couldn’t spot a recession if it stole their latte. We know the textbook definition, sure, and its effects on our dad’s hairline, but many of us probably couldn’t predict how it would affect us. We’re familiar with the meltdown of the late 2000s and the pandemic crash, but this could be our first 'ordinary' recession, where we actually have to worry about making ends meet and navigating a struggling economy."


Op-ed: What skills will SCiLL teach?

"When the new curriculum was approved by the faculty, the administration, and our advisory boards, the plan was to secure funding for the new junior- and senior-level courses it required later. Later is now."


Column: In defense of the humanities


"But the humanities don't need to justify themselves with business and science. These enhance their resume but they have inherent virtues. The humanities study people. We are endowed with conscious complexity. We love, feel anger and can convey emotions through the power of art and music. We can create sociopolitical systems, wage wars and more. These are all at the core of our existence."


Editorial: Out with the old and in with the hue


"While we can never fear that color is going to disappear from our world, it does impact several factors in our lives. Color is something we take for granted, yet its presence changes our emotions, perception and ability to communicate and understand each other. Since the way our surroundings look affects us in so many ways, it's important that we do more to analyze what having a larger color palette can do for you."


Column: Sometimes, “bad” user interfaces are good


"A good interface shouldn't be noticed by the user. There should be consistency in the design of whatever websites or applications in order to offer the user a feeling of control. In the sense that being “good” is to be accessible, open and convenient, this definition is correct, but I feel like it is limited."