11/2/2011 12:37am

Progress report: Cooper’s executive branch

The Cooper administration’s self-evaluation was released Monday in the form of its annual October report. It details progress in major platform areas and new projects. Though some projects are on their way to completion, others have stalled.

11/1/2011 11:46pm

Student Congress asks for legal aid

The rules and judiciary committee of Student Congress passed a bill Tuesday that would provide students legal representation in front of the Student Supreme Court. The revision to Title III of the Student Code would create a student legal counsel service and provide students with representation before the court.

10/30/2011 4:16pm

Faculty adviory committee recommends more education on honor system

Educating faculty members about the nuances of the student-run honor system is the first major goal to emerge from the faculty honor system advisory committee. The newly formed committee met for the first time Friday to discuss how the members could best aid the honor system and increase faculty involvement.

10/16/2011 4:25pm

Faculty Council divided over Honor Court

Reform of the University’s honor system is still in its early stages, and it has become clear that faculty in charge of the effort have their work cut out for them. Widespread faculty dissatisfaction with the student-led system was on display Friday, with members of the Faculty Council voicing harsh criticisms of the system at the body’s monthly meeting.

10/11/2011 4:45pm

The Interview: Student Attorney General Jon McCay

Jon McCay certainly looks the part of attorney general, sitting across from me in a collared shirt, speaking in the measured manner of someone who has spent countless hours giving closing statements and preparing cross-examinations. If we weren’t sitting five feet away from the Pit, it would be easy to forget that McCay is a student here too.

10/4/2011 5:18pm

Enrich the fund: The Student Enrichment Fund needs to pick up steam to last

If there is one thing every UNC student should be encouraged to do during their college experience, it is explore. Whether it be in the classroom, in the lab or abroad, college is an ideal time to discover new ideas, develop new talents and broaden your world view. Thanks to the generosity of two student leaders, funding those discoveries just got a little bit easier.

10/3/2011 7:27pm

UNC’s Student Congress fills 13 vacant seats in special election

All 13 of the vacant seats in Student Congress were filled Monday after a special election that saw 564 students vote online. But write-in candidates, who won the vast majority of open graduate student seats, must formally accept their seats in order for the body to avoid another special election.

10/3/2011 4:51pm

UNC student government launches student enrichment fund

The opportunity for students to attend off-campus events this year will come straight out of two student leaders’ pockets, at least initially. The Student Enrichment Fund, a project launched by student government on Saturday, is being funded primarily by the monthly stipend Student Body President Mary Cooper receives as president, coupled with a portion of her vice president Zealan Hoover’s stipend.