11/30/2015 12:17am

Fran Schindler volunteers to sit by the deathbed of those who ask

Fran Schindler lives alone in a yellow townhouse in a quiet Chapel Hill neighborhood. The walls of the 75-year-old’s living room are covered with her own art — three-dimensional mixed media pieces made from driftwood and twisted metal, abstract paintings with splashes of color that might be faces or animals or anything else depending how you look at them.

11/30/2015 12:09am

Overcoming 'six strokes and counting'

On Valentine’s Day in 2007, a fifth-grade girl cheered as her older brother continued to score 3-pointers at the last minute. That’s when the strong pain in her head hit.

11/30/2015 12:07am

Director of investigations Samantha Sabin 

Column: Why a Life & Death Issue?

When I tell people that my biological father died in January, their eyes bulge, sadness overtakes them and the reactions like, “I’m sorry to hear that,” pour in.