9/10/2018 6:16pm

A residential street in Houston, TX during the cleanup process after Hurricane Harvey. Photo courtesy of  Valerie Mueller.

As Hurricane Florence continues, UNC cancels classes for Sept. 17

At 11:02 a.m., the National Hurricane Center announced that Hurricane Florence had been increased to a Category 4 hurricane, with a projected path toward the Carolinas. By 1:43 p.m., Alert Carolina released a statement that until further notice, classes and operations would run as scheduled. 

2/10/2016 8:20pm

NC coast included in potential off-shore drilling plan

There might be no Kure for North Carolina’s off-shore drilling problem. One of eight potential planning areas for drilling — as part of the national 2017-2022 Oil and Gas Leasing Program — will be off the coast of Kure Beach, North Carolina.

11/15/2011 9:39pm

Incident tests UNC-W alert noti?cations

An individual who robbed two women near UNC-Wilmington’s campus has not been caught, but university officials say there are no plans to change security policies in light of the incident.

10/10/2011 7:10pm

Cuts at the degree’s expense: Budget cuts are not an excuse for asking less of students

The classroom is at the core of the University’s mission and should be the last thing compromised to budget cuts. However, concerns about graduation rates and pressure from state budget cuts are causing some UNC-system schools to consider loosening restrictions and degree requirements to get students out on time. Such actions only add academic insult to financial injury.