Abbey Caldwell


Come on! Give me a (longer) break

Winter break is all I have. I don’t know about you, but this has been one of the hardest semesters of my college career. I have spent way too many Friday nights in front of my computer, in a library or in a lab, and I’m sick of it.But around this time of year, no matter how many carpal tunnel scares I have, I get through it.

Exercise creativity in ?nding activity

I hate the StairMaster. It hurts, and it’s not fun. And seeing as I usually don’t intentionally inflict pain upon myself while doing things I don’t enjoy, I don’t use it.That seems pretty logical to me.But every day, many of us deliberately engage in activities that are awkward, painful and unenjoyable, all for the sake of exercise.

Stalkers, lost dogs — what’s going on?

I love North Carolina basketball. I just want to say that before I start.But although the 2009 team will live in my heart forever, something must be said about this new AT&T commercial starring Tyler Hansbrough.Many somethings must be said.The commercial chronicles the journey of a sweet little girl who has lost her dog. Through a string of text messages that seems to be held together by a giant game of six-degrees-of-Tyler-Hansbrough, the national champion ends up returning the dog to the child.How sweet.

The times they are a- changin’ tables

When I walked to the women’s restroom at Foster’s Market before sitting down, there was a woman standing outside who stopped me and said, “You can’t go in there.”“Pardon?” I said.“There’s a man changing his daughter in there,” she said. “There’s no changing table in the men’s room.”Immediately I thought of the fantastic column I could write about how the oppressive society we live in is perpetuated by the assumption that only the “fairer sex” could possibly be charged with changing babies’ diapers.And I was right … sort of.

Condoms can be hard to come by

The priorities of the Harris Teeter in Carrboro are a little out of whack.The store keeps its condoms behind the customer service desk, so customers have to ask an employee for assistance to purchase them.There’s something terribly wrong with that.I’d heard rumors that condoms are where they are because they’re a “high-theft item.”So when I decided to look into the issue further, I thought it might be a fruitless search. It’s tough to argue with corporate measures combating petty larceny.

Greeks provide us one week of bliss

Friday, Sept. 4 marks the first day of sorority rush. And though it pains me to say it, I love every blessed minute of the process. Somehow I escaped the call of the Greek Sirens my first year of college, and I am happily “unaffiliated” to this day. So this time of year means something different to me. Instead of philanthropy and sisterhood, it means a lot of solid me-time.

Sealed records protect facts

Records pertaining to the March 5 killing of former Student Body President Eve Carson still are being sealed by authorities despite a motion filed by The (Raleigh) News & Observer to release them. Orange County District Attorney Jim Woodall said the sealed autopsy and search warrant records could compromise the investigation if released to the public. He said the autopsy report contains information about the cause and manner of Carson's death.

New burger joint stresses local ingredients

Freezers and prepackaged meat take a back seat to hand-cut french fries and fresh Angus beef at Buns, North Columbia Street's latest restaurant addition. The new hamburger restaurant, run by co-owners Michael Namour and George Ash, stresses fresh, locally produced ingredients. "We don't even have a freezer here," Namour said. "When the meat comes in, we patty it ourselves." He said even the restaurant's buns are fresh-baked locally. "We're trying to bring in more of a quality type product, but at the same time, we're very reasonable," he said.