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Current reading specialist challenges Willingham's claims

A current UNC reading specialist for student-athletes has weighed in on claims made by a person who formerly held a similar position, Mary Willingham. Bradley Bethel posted in his “Coaching the Mind” blog Monday night that he was appalled by the claims Willingham has repeatedly made, challenging her methodology, research ethics and the way she has represented UNC’s athletes.

Board of Trustees tip sheet for Jan. 22

The UNC Board of Trustees met Wednesday to discuss a variety of topics, including public affairs. But the board also talked about several other items. Transportation and Parking BOT member Don Curtis brought up the issue of high parking fees at UNC Hospitals, recently covered by the News and Observer. Parking at the hospital costs $8 per day without a discounted option for a five or 10-day pass, which Curtis said puts undue strain on patients’ families. “You’re talking about poor people coming to the hospital and we’re charging them huge parking fees,” Curtis said. Curtis pointed out that parking is free at Rex Hospital in Raleigh even though, he said, UNC Hospitals are more likely to serve disadvantaged patients. “We’re taking a black eye on this at a time when we don’t need any more black eyes,” he said.

Obama's NCAA picks might be political

President Barack Obama says he is a “sucker” for the Tar Heels, but some political observers speculate his choices for the NCAA tournament might be more political. Obama chose UNC to win this year’s tournament against favorite University of Kentucky. He also picked the Tar Heels in 2009 — the same year they won the tournament.

Five college students from the area get fellowship to speak at the U.N.

For the past four months, UNC-CH junior Abby Bouchon has been researching local organizations focused on helping women in rural parts of the state. And her work has paid off. Bouchon and four other students from the Research Triangle Park Area were recently granted fellowships that will pay for their travel costs — $2,500 per person — to a United Nations conference on March 1.

Bank of America decides against $5 fee

Bank of America has decided against charging a fee for debit card users after many customers voiced concern and anger about the new policy. The fee would have charged customers $5 per month, except for select groups — including the military and student users, said Tony Allen, a spokesman for Bank of America.