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Students in Recovery have supportive housing options

For students in recovery, deciding where to live can be a tough choice. Being surrounded by a supportive community that understands what you are going through is important, said Frank Allison, program coordinator of Recovery Initiatives for the Carolina Recovery Program.

Worried about talking to friends or family in Recovery?

There can be a stigma around substance use disorder. Using inclusive language helps reduce the stigma by countering negative perceptions the public has towards people in recovery, said Frank Allison, program coordinator of Recovery Initiatives for the Carolina Recovery Program.

Frank Allison

What does it mean to be in Recovery at UNC?

The work-hard, play-hard attitude common among college students can be hard for students recovering from substance use disorder. And it can mask the problem for students who may need help. The Carolina Recovery Program has a month of activities planned for Recovery Awareness Month designed to increase awareness and decrease the stigma associated with recovery from addiction. 

Q&A on SCOTUS case regarding Obama's immigration plan

The Supreme Court is hearing a case regarding President Barack Obama’s 2014 executive action on immigration reform, including Deferred Action for Parents of Americans, which would shield millions of undocumented immigrants and provide them with work authorization for three years.

Richard Burr weighs in on Apple backdoor

Republican North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr — up for re-election this year — spoke out against Apple, Inc., writing in an opinion editorial for USA Today that Apple should assist law enforcement's efforts to unlock an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters.


Election roundup: feat. the return of MySpace

As per usual, the world of politics has provided us with everything needed for an action-packed soap opera: fights, accusations, he-said/she-said, deactivation of social media and much more. Seriously, has anyone looked into a political soap opera? Keeping up with the Kandidates, anyone?