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Student Congress rejects Dakota Williams as BOE chairman

Student Congress’ final meeting of the academic year was burdened with the task of external appointments. All were approved — except one. Without debate, the body denied former Student Congress speaker and student body treasurer Dakota Williams the appointment for Board of Elections chairman in a vote that was not immediately upsetting, he said. “The nice thing about not being (Board of Elections chairman) is that there is no moral obligation keeping me from suing anyone I want,” he said.

Oversight committee passes bill to regulate student fees

A bill that passed through a Student Congress committee Tuesday night would give the full body the power to regulate changes to eight major student fees. In its inaugural meeting, the oversight committee passed the bill, which would give the body the task of regulating certain fees that are first considered by the student fee audit committee. Adam Horowitz, chairman of the oversight committee and the bill’s sponsor, said Student Congress has the right to regulate certain fees, including the student activities fee and the safety and security fee. Article I, Section 4 of Title I of the Student Code gives Student Congress the power to regulate these fees.

Congress committee passes bill on election eligibility

One bill passed through a committee of Student Congress Tuesday night came in response to controversy. The other is just plain controversial, members said.The first bill would make sure certain student government leaders know they cannot run for elected office.

	Rules and judiciary committee chairman Zach De La Rosa has been praised for overseeing the Student Code.

Student Congress needs new speaker

With little more than a month remaining in its 92nd session, Student Congress is looking to fill the speaker position vacated Feb. 7 by Deanna Santoro. Though speaker nominations and the internal election will not come until Tuesday, representatives said the decision will likely come down to Alex Mills, speaker pro tempore, and Zach De La Rosa, chairman of the rules and judiciary committee.

BOE fines Rick Ingram for illegal dorm-storming

The Board of Elections issued its first fine of the election season Tuesday against student body president candidate Rick Ingram for illegal dorm-storming Jan. 18, before the practice was allowed. Ingram was fined $12.50, representing five percent of the campaign spending limit.


Student Congress Chronicle: Oct. 19

The rules and judiciary committee of Student Congress passed a bill Tuesday that would reorganize Title VI of the Student Code. Committee chairman Zack De La Rosa also proposed a bill that would completely remove Title VII of the Code. The section regulates the Carolina Athletic Association.

Student Congress Chronicle: Sept. 21

The Finance Committee of Student Congress met Tuesday evening in Murphey Hall at 6:30 p.m. Eight voting members attended the meeting and debated 11 funding requests made by various campus organizations.

Scientists kick off "Out to Lunch with Science 360" series with weather talk

Professional and amateur scientists will descend on Morehead Planetarium this week for involved discussions. The Morehead Planetarium is hosting “Out to Lunch with Science 360,” an interactive science series sponsored by the 2010 North Carolina Science Festival, a statewide celebration of science. The festival features hands-on activities, lab tours, science talks, exhibits, performances and events. The five-event series began Tuesday with “Predicting Severe Weather.” The presentation focused on the difficulties meteorologists face in forecasting weather.