New online ticketing raises questions

July 13 - Football games against ACC rivals N.C. State and Virginia Tech will provide a trial run for UNC's Web-based student-ticket system, campus officials said this week. The new system, announced this summer, is primarily meant as a method for distributing tickets to men's basketball games. But UNC wants to give it a test run to work out any kinks, said Clint Gwaltney, director of ticket operations.

'Eraser' sees Yorke on autopilot

MUSICREVIEW Thom Yorke The Eraser 3 Stars Maybe it's because us college students came of age - musically and otherwise - when Radiohead first burst onto the national stage with "Creep," that pouty paean to self-loathing.

Ticket policy sparks debate

News that the distribution of men's basketball tickets is moving online has sparked strong reaction from many students - and caused the president of the Carolina Athletic Association, students' liaison to the athletics department, to solicit their input. "Details of the online policy haven't been finalized yet," CAA President Rachel High wrote in a letter to the editor that has been published in today's Daily Tar Heel.

New ticket plan unveiled

Tar Heel basketball fans, take note: The eternal struggle between you and your Saturday-morning alarm is over. That's because, in a move that has been contemplated for years, the distribution of men's basketball tickets for students is moving online. "It's a matter of working out the kinks and making sure that when it's put in place this year, it's put in place as well as possible," said Rachel High, president of the Carolina Athletic Association - the student arm of the athletic department.

'Silent Hill' quiet on horror

MOVIEREVIEW 'Silent Hill' 1.5 Stars Several bits of humor are scattered throughout "Silent Hill," director Christophe Gans' film adaptation of the popular video-game series. Unfortunately, only one of them - the playing of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" on a jukebox - is intentional. Beyond that, the joke's on us, and it's 125 minutes long. As you've probably heard, "Silent Hill" looks gorgeous, and Gans' team deserves credit for the film's expert set design, costumes and cinematography.

Catching up on downloading

It was a plan full of possibility. Buoyed by start-up money from an anonymous donor, the UNC system was going to provide students access to four major sources of legal downloads. It would say, "Go ahead. Download music and movies to your heart's content. It's all legal. Heck, use our money." It would then evaluate that pilot program and come up with a way for students at all 16 UNC campuses to snatch their favorite songs and movies from the Internet - without running afoul of copyright laws.

Work needed to fulfill mission

Like any good Catholic, I'll begin this column with a confession: I once thought about going to Duke. It's not that I never wanted to go to UNC - quite the contrary. For reasons that I still can't figure out, I grew up a Tar Heel fan in Yankee country. I prayed for the boys in baby blue before the '93 national championship game against Michigan, and when Chris Webber called that timeout, I was sure I had a friend in the Man upstairs.

Opinion Editor justifies firing of Tuesday columnist

Might as well get to the point: I fired Jillian Bandes yesterday. And not because I thought she was a racist or an idiot. She is, in fact, neither - and even if she were, I wouldn't have fired her for those reasons. I fired her because she strung together quotes out of context. She took sources' words out of context. She misled those sources when she conducted interviews. In other words, she conducted journalistic malpractice, and that's simply not something I, or The Daily Tar Heel, will tolerate.

Tar Heel takes up veep bid

July 8 — Sen. John Kerry picked John Edwards as his running mate Tuesday, calling on the Southern populist in hopes that his small-town demeanor and skill on the stump will invigorate Kerry’s bid for the White House. The formal announcement came Tuesday morning at a rally in Pittsburgh after the Massachusetts Democrat phoned Edwards, a first-term senator from North Carolina, to inform him of his decision.