Danielle Stephenson


Pre-senior admissions practices rising

In September, many high school seniors are expecting to receive their early acceptance letters from colleges. These admission letters will be sent by colleges four months earlier than their traditional early acceptance letters. But some college and high-school administrators are worried about the stress on prospective students when schools begin asking for applications so early.

Raleigh ranks third highest in gay parents

A recent survey ranks Raleigh third in metropolitan areas with highest percentages of same-sex couples with kids. But because of state law that bans same-sex marriage, some equal rights activists say they are surprised by the high ranking. The American Community Survey polled metro areas with a population of more than 1 million, news reports state. Raleigh ranked below San Antonio, Texas and Jacksonville, Fla.

UNC-Greensboro game bans Nerf guns

A change in regulation for the Humans vs. Zombies game on the UNC-Greensboro campus eased community concerns, but at the cost of some student participation. Eliminating the use of Nerf blasters was the main rule change to the game this semester, said UNC-G Campus Chief of Police Jamie Herring.


Yale student works to create human rights major

Yale student Justine Kolata wants to control her own academic future by creating a new degree program at the prestigious institution. The junior philosophy and political science major said she wants to see the university offer a human rights degree program.

NCAA Championship game bores students

Millions tuned in to watch the unexpected National Collegiate Athletic Association men’s championship game between Butler University and the University of Connecticut last night. But when the game ended, people appeared more surprised by the low score than the Huskies win. The Connecticut Huskies defeated the Butler Bulldogs 53-41 for a total of 94 points, an extremely low number of points for a national championship game. Steven Coffey, a senior political science major at UNC, said he struggled to do his schoolwork last night because he wanted to watch the game. But after learning the score he didn’t regret his decision.

NCAA Academic Bracket

Inside Higher Education’s NCAA bracket stacks up basketball teams’ performances in the classroom instead of the ball court. And this year’s 2011 winner is Butler University. For six years Inside Higher Education has filled out its bracket according to how the tournament teams compare based on their academic progress rate — a scoring system that ranks teams based on their players performance in the classroom. The UNC men’s basketball team was the predicted champ in 2009, but this year they were knocked out in the fourth round by Princeton University.

Machines used to grade essays

The Educational Testing Services e-rater essay grading machine was first deployed in 1999 and has been used in the past few years for standardized tests such as the GRE. But now, through years of development, the software has become accurate enough to outperform humans grading standardized essay tests.

Starbucks offers new 31 ounce cup

Starbucks has decided to feed their coffee-thirsty customers with what they want most: more coffee. How will the company accomplish this feat? With a new 31 ounce size cup, also known as the size Trenta — Italian for thirty. The Trenta cup size will be available at all Starbucks coffee shops by May 3. It is now available in fourteen states, including North Carolina.

Wikipedia celebrates 10th birthday

Dubbed the ‘free encyclopedia’, Wikipedia is an online collaboration between strangers that has led to the publication of over 17 million articles in more than 270 languages around the world. Many Wikipedia events are being planned to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the Internet tycoon on January 15, 2011, like a gathering at a coffee shop called Jackson’s Java near UNC-Charlotte.

Beatles music now on iTunes

Both generations past and present have enjoyed listening to The Beatles by record player, tape player and CD-player. But as of Tuesday, fans can now find some of their golden favorites on iTunes.

Halloween lollipops recalled

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recalled Colombina Mega Pops last week after finding traces of metal in the candy. The lollipops are imported from Colombia. With the candy-buying in full overdrive during the Halloween season, the recall on the lollipops might affect sales and consumer choices.