Hannah Rosenberger


Ruth Confer, a point-to-point driver, opens up the wheelchair ramp on her car on Monday, Nov. 2, 2020. Confer works under UNC to help people with disabilities or injuries move around campus, but since COVID-19 started, she has only had two students use her assistance.

'Smoke and mirrors': Employee report calls out UNC administration's 'toxic positivity'

The same day that the Employee Forum released a report urging UNC administrators to address the concerns and frustrations of employees due to COVID-19, the University released a video thanking its employees for Employee Appreciation Day on Oct. 28. Some called it a timely coincidence. Others called it another instance of “toxic positivity.” The report highlighted the effects that COVID-19 has had on employees and provided recommendations for campus leadership to address some of these concerns.  It stated that staff members often feel left out of University communication and decision-making and that their needs were an “afterthought” once students and faculty’s needs were addressed.