Jacqueline Kantor


UNC humanities professors host innovation seminar

It’s often more difficult for history professors or English students to craft solutions to real-world problems than it is for doctors or scientists. But a panel of 10 humanities professors made a case for the liberal arts Monday afternoon, saying those in humanities fields should take a Socratic approach and ask questions about how their studies can extend beyond the classroom.

	Chris Martin, director of UNC energy management, is presented with a present by Energy Star spokeswoman Maura Beard (not shown). The present was for members of Watt-Busters, a UNC student group. Morrison Residence Hall won a national efficiency contest last October. The residence hall has 172 solar thermal panels that provide hot water for parts of the dorm and is home to the Sustainability Living-Learning Community.

Campus dorms put focus on green energy

Carolina blue is always the color people associate with UNC. The housing department is one of many campus organizations trying to paint Chapel Hill another color: green. From sustainability living-learning communities to “Turn off the lights!” stickers, UNC Housing has multiple initiatives in place to increase the environmental consciousness of on-campus living. Each dorm has recycling bins in every room, and there are also boxes outside buildings and inside lobbies for old tennis shoes and batteries.

Warren Brown speaks with a student about the ingredients he experiments with in his cakes. He stopped practicing law to start CakeLove, a group of specialty bakeries he owns around the Washington, D.C., area.

CakeLove founder tells story of entrepreneurship

The founder and owner of CakeLove served up some sweet career advice and cake Tuesday night as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week. Warren Brown, a lawyer-turned-baker who owns seven bakeries in the Washington, D.C. area, joined fellow entrepreneur Christopher Gergen to speak to students about pursuing their passions, no matter how impractical or unexpected.