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Women's LAX v. Old Dominion

UNC women's lacrosse beaten by Duke in ACC finisher

The North Carolina women’s lacrosse team turned the ball over with 30 seconds left in the ACC season finale to seal its 11-10 loss to Duke on Friday night. UNC turned in its second-worst draw control margin of the season, losing the fight for possession 15 times to only eight wins.

UNC seals ?rst conference win early

The top three North Carolina men’s tennis singles players were the first three off the court. They dominated their matches to seal the first four points and the victory for UNC. The final three Tar Heels dropped the final three matches of the day in a 4-3 win in their ACC opener Friday against N.C. State in Raleigh.

Hernandez overpowers 49ers

Sophomore North Carolina men’s tennis player Jose Hernandez worked on his return game, serving, volleying and backhand in the offseason. Just about everything except his forehand. He showed why his forehand needed little work Sunday, leading the Tar Heels to a commanding 7-0 victory against UNC-Charlotte with his powerful baseline game.