Kate Carroll


CORRECTION: A former version of this photo caption incorrectly identified the university that most recently changed a name of a campus building. The university was UNC-Greensboro.
In February, UNC-Greensboro became the third university in the state to remove Charles Brantley Aycock’s name from a campus building.

Chancellor-appointed committee reviews recommendation to remove names of 4 buildings

UNC is one step closer to removing names of individuals tied to white supremacy from four buildings on campus.  A chancellor-appointed committee unanimously voted Tuesday to put forth a recommendation to Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz that the University remove the names Charles B. Aycock, Josephus Daniels, Julian S. Carr and Thomas Ruffin and Thomas Ruffin Jr. from on-campus buildings.

A temporary banner hangs reading “Pauli Murray Hall” on the building originally named Hamilton Hall on Monday, July 13, 2020. Photo courtesy of Lisa Lindsay.

Pauli Murray Hall: UNC departments begin process of renaming Hamilton Hall

The UNC Board of Trustees lifted a 16-year moratorium that prevented renaming buildings on campus just over three weeks ago. Last week, several UNC departments have come together to begin the process of renaming Hamilton Hall as Pauli Murray Hall. Pauli Murray, a Black descendant of UNC’s original trustees, was a prominent advocate for women’s and civil rights.