Kristina Kokkonos


Q&A with author, music critic Jon Fine

The executive editor of Inc. magazine, a guitarist and, now, an author, Jon Fine is a man of many talents. The former Chapel Hill resident spoke to staff writer Kristina Kokkonos about the death of indie music and the toll that the now defunct Taco Bell left on his younger self.

Hanes Art Center hosts a student book art exhibit in the John and June Alcott Gallery. The art works are meant to illustrate academic settings in the south. Students used unconventional materials like linen, handmade paper, leather and movable parts.

More than words on pages

Art and literature-loving artists joined to produce a new show at John and June Allcott Gallery this week. "Southern Exposure: Academic Book Arts in the New Millenium (sic)" premiered yesterday.

'Let Feedback Ring' showcases up-and-coming bands in Raleigh

At a July 4th show in 2009, Goodbye, Titan closed its set with an astounding, rock-inspired version of the “Star-Spangled Banner.” It was in that moment that Corbie Hill, who organized the unnamed show, got the idea for what to call it. “I was trying to think of some clever name and ‘Let Feedback Ring’ just came to me,” Hill said.

Music Review: I Break Horses

I Break Horses Chiaroscuro ???? Electronic pop I Break Horses is well on its way to proving itself as an established electronic duo with the release of its second album. Chiaroscuro highlights the Swedish duo’s awesome ability to cover retro rhythms with relaxed vocals.

Q&A with Drug Yacht

It was 1997 when Dave Hellerreporter’s notes, Dave Bjorkback and Dave Cantwell joined together as Drug Yacht to play four shows across North Carolina.

Music Review: Hospitality

Hospitality Trouble ??? Pop rock Hospitality started off the new year with its sophomore album, Trouble. The Brooklyn-bred trio does a good job producing 10 very different tracks, most of which can be loosely categorized into three themes.