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Rep. Alma Adams is introduced at the Lillian's List campaign luncheon Monday morning. The pro-choice, women's rights PAC hosted the event at the Alumni Center to announce it's sponsored political candidates.

Lillian's List campaign luncheon focuses on women candidates

Giant anti-abortion posters lined the quad Monday — but across campus, donors were gathered to support pro-abortion rights candidates. Lillian’s List, a North Carolina group that financially supports progressive female candidates, held its campaign kickoff luncheon Monday in the Carolina Club of the Alumni Center.

System officials trim budget request after rejection

After State Budget Director Art Pope called the UNC system’s budget request “not realistic,” system leaders shaved $74 million off their request, in the form of money for new construction projects. Charlie Perusse, the system’s chief operating officer, said system leaders met with the state budget office last week to discuss Pope’s concerns.

North Carolina delegation reacts to government shutdown

As the government shutdown drags on for the second day, North Carolina is feeling the effects as federal agencies in the state furlough workers, and research universities brace for an impact to research. But what have North Carolina’s U.S. Congressmen and Senators said about the shutdown?

News Cheat Sheet for Oct. 9, 2012

TOP STORY — Sandusky receives at least 30 years Ex-Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was convicted Tuesday of sexually abusing young boys for more than convicted. From the Washington Post: “Judge John M.

News Cheat Sheet for Sept. 18, 2012

TOP STORY — Romney’s campaign faces another distraction In a video leaked to the press, Mitt Romney made several “off the cuff” remarks about 47% of the nation’s “dependence” on government.

News Cheat Sheet for Sept. 11, 2012

TOP STORY — The 11th Anniversary of Sept. 11 The national ceremonies of remembrance are more subdued this year, the AP reports. Although the country still remembers, some say the tenth anniversary marked an “emotional turning point” for the country. STATE STORY — Cameron Village homicide victim identified Raleigh police think Kathleen Bertrand was shot and killed by her husband, Christopher Bertrand, who also shot and killed himself.

News Cheat Sheet for Aug. 28, 2012

TOP STORY — Republican National Convention kicks off today Look out for Gov. Chris Christie and House Speaker John Boehner “today”: . But the most important speech is said to be Ann Romney’s, as Romney advisers struggle to humanize Mitt Romney for voters, Politico “reports”: . President Obama’s Dilemma Obama is kicking off a series of aggressive campaign ads to coincide with the RNC.

College Republicans are hopeful

As the UNC College Republicans gather at the Top of the Hill to watch the election results roll in members of the College Republicans are confident that the Republican party will gain control of the house and acquire more seats in the Senate. Marc Seelinger, the executive vice chairman of the College Republicans at UNC, said he is not expecting a majority in the Senate but feels that more Republican votes will make the Democrats consider both sides.