Malak Dridi


DTH Photo Illustration. With classes for the fall 2020 semester being shifted to an online format, students are turning to virtual platforms to form study groups for classes.

Struggling together: Students recreate study spaces online

Students are finding ways to come together during COVID-19 through Zoom study rooms and GroupMe chats. "I wouldn't say I’m making friends through the group chat, but I definitely feel like I'm not the only one struggling through this, and I've got this group to struggle with me together," Zorah Davis, a first-year communication studies major, said.

The Faculty Athletics Committee met on Thursday, Sept. 3rd over Zoom. They discussed the ways in which COVID-19 was affecting athletics and athletes themselves.

Faculty Athletics Committee discusses COVID-19 precautions, revenue loss

“Without fans in the stands, it could be very significant this year, anywhere from mid-20s to 50 million dollar hits, depending on whether we play, whether we get television revenue and what basketball revenue looks like," Director of Athletics Bubba Cunningham said. "It’s too early to really tell what that number is."