Nick Andersen


Wednesday Roundup (4/20 to 4/30): The Farewell for Now Edition

That’s right. This is the last, last roundup of the school year. It’s been good, it’s been fun, it’s been all sorts of awesome things. But this is more of a “see you in August” type thing than a “gone for good.” Canvas will return for the summer, and then again — in full, snarky glory — in August. Until then, enjoy the sun, the humidity and his list of artsy fun.

"All Shook Up" a peppy but struggling musical of jukebox mistakes

While the Pauper Players are clearly excited to be back in the Historic Playmakers’ Theatre — their old home — their latest production is rather dull. With a talented but listless cast, the Elvis Presley jukebox musical “All Shook Up” is long and pointless — and makes one realize that “Hound Dog” should never be arranged in three-part harmony.

Q and A with Adrian Grenier

Adrian Grenier is the first to admit that he’s famous for pretending to be famous. But that kind of self-reflexive awareness is exactly the kind of thing that Grenier — star of HBO’s hit comedy, “Entourage” — wants to explore in his work and art. He’s bringing his documentary, “Teenage Paparazzo,” to UNC’s Carroll Hall this Saturday.

The Scoop on Snoop: Founders of Pro- and Anti- Snoop Dogg Facebook Groups Speak Out

The ongoing story of Snoop Dogg’s pending concert at UNC — won in an online contest promoting Electronic Arts’ new game, “Bullet Storm” — continues, with a pair of rather lively Facebook groups arguing the hip-hop icon’s merits. Administrative hurdles aside, these groups open up a question Canvas wants answered: What do students think about Snoop Dogg, the artist?