Nikita Mathur


North Carolina is in the race to quit smoking

For Pam Seamans, executive director of the NC Alliance for Health, it is crucial that the average North Carolinian knows the resources available to them if they decide to quit smoking.  “We are trying to make it very clear to folks who need help that there are resources available to them, that they are not alone in this process, and that the most successful efforts in quitting include a lot of support,” Seamans said. The North Carolina Alliance for Health teamed up with over 50 state and local partners to sponsor the Race to Quit, NC campaign, to spread awareness about the resources and support available for smokers looking to quit.

CSA program brings Chapel Hill employees together with local produce

A local organization is teaming up with a North Carolina farm to provide easier access to healthy produce for Chapel Hill town employees. The Chapel Hill Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program allows town employees to invest money in Brinkley Farms, and receive a weekly “share”, which are boxes of fresh produce from the farm.  The town’s Wellness@Work program partnered with Brinkley Farms to facilitate convenience for the employees by delivering these boxes weekly to the heart of the town, at the Town Housing Office at 317 Caldwell St.