Incubus relives the past on new LP

MUSICREVIEW Incubus Light Grenades 3 stars Trying new things is always good, but when it backfires the smartest move is to go with what works. With the release of Light Grenades, Incubus has done exactly that. After A Crow Left of the Murder made little more than a ripple in a tepid pool of stagnant sales in 2004, the band has rebounded with an album that features a return to the group's true sound.

The Figgs a swanky good time

MUSICREVIEW The Figgs Follow Jean Through The Sea 3 stars It's that wink-and-a-smile charm of a good pop song that endears listeners to an unapologetically pure breed of pop-rock. And it's that very same sly charm that makes the latest album by veteran rock band The Figgs so much fun. With Follow Jean Through The Sea, The Figgs have found their groove.

Aussie rockers' album lets influences shine

MUSICREVIEW Jet Shine On 3.5 stars At first it's tempting to write Jet off as another hack version of unoriginal copycat rock, focusing its sound on imitation rather than emulation. But when all is said and done, Jet is just a band that understands the concept of respecting one's elders and honoring the rock gods that came before it. With the release of its sophomore album, Shine On, the group has chosen to bring back a sound that is sorely missing in today's music scene - a sound rooted in the revolutionary 1960s and '70s.

Audioslave rages on to mixed reviews

MUSICREVIEW Audioslave Revelations 3 stars With its third LP, Revelations, Audioslave not only reveals society's seedy underbelly, but also that the band still has some work to do. In 2002 from the ashes of Rage Against the Machine and Soundgarden rose Audioslave. Revelations comes off the chart-topping success of 2005's Out of Exile.

Boy next door is more mature than he appears

MUSICREVIEW Teddy Geiger Underage Thinking 3 Stars When a young male artist steps into the spotlight and gets emotional in his craft, he's often immediately typecast as either an angry or depressed emo kid or a touchy-feely one-man boy band. Lucky for Teddy Geiger, he's undeniably neither. Breaking free from the ubiquitous good-looking-guy-with-a-guitar stigma, Geiger creates soulful refrains and bluesy rhythm sections silhouetted by the tortured purity of his wildly original vocals in his debut album, Underage Thinking.

Guitar-rock icon succeeds with new LP

MUSICREVIEW Joe Satriani Super Colossal 4 Stars For all virtuosos in the making, prepare to kneel before the god of rock and light your six-strings aflame in homage to the definitive emblem of rock 'n' roll. Rock guitar legend Joe Satriani has done it again. With his 14th studio release, Super Colossal, the rock relic and mentor to guitar greats such as Steve Vai and Kirk Hammett has unleashed a face-melting feat of imagination.

University voices spring with start of season

The birds aren't the only ones singing as UNC's a cappella season kicks into high gear.Many groups are presenting their marquee concerts as the year draws to a close."Spring is definitely the busier semester for us," said Cassie Criswell, concert manager for the Loreleis.

Company Carolina play seeks to back that act up

Company Carolina's production of Stephen Sondheim's "Merrily We Roll Along," a musical comedy in reverse, is coming to the ArtsCenter in Carrboro Friday. The musical centers on a classic story of fame, power and corruption as three best friends discover the true price of selling one's soul to the entertainment industry. "What's really intriguing about the play is that it's a musical comedy, but it's done completely in reverse," said lead actress Kelly McCrann, a UNC senior who plays Mary Flynn in the production.

CUAB brings local rock to UNC

In an effort to increase support for local acts and new musicians, the Carolina Union Activities Board hosted a live showcase Thursday in the Union Cabaret. The evening opened with the Chapel Hill bands Cities and Boxbomb, followed by Winston-Salem natives Evoka. Bryan Hollander, chairman of CUAB’s New Sounds Committee, helped organized the event. Part of his position, he said, is responding to the University’s high demand for live music on campus. Three CUAB committees deal with bringing music to the student body.