Rachel Scall


Crosa works at the front desk in Morrison.  When he can, he tries to educate himself and others about Tourette’s to spread understanding.

Junior seeks to educate about syndrome

It is as if a fly landed on his cheek.T he left eye scrunches, then the right. Three quick shakes of the head and the entire tic is over in less than a second. Michael Crosa, a junior psychology and music double major, has Tourette syndrome, a neurological disorder characterized by involuntary, repetitive sounds and movements.

Virgins not alone at UNC

John Eskridge is a virgin — and he doesn’t care who knows.A UNC sophomore from Morganton, Eskridge said he based his decision not to have sex on his strong Christian faith.“God created sex as a beautiful thing between a man and a woman in marriage,” Eskridge said.According to a survey conducted by Campus Health Services, Eskridge is not alone. Approximately 77 percent of students at UNC have had zero or one sexual partners in the past 12 months.