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Introducing ... Wayne 'The Pane' Ellington

Parents send their kids to college so they can become — as the cliché goes — ""well-rounded individuals."" The same goes for college basketball stars. Sort of. Just as it took Joe Kegstand three semesters to understand what's meant by ""liberal arts curriculum"" it took Wayne Ellington three years to understand what's meant by non-shooting star.""

For women's soccer team memories matter more than medals

It happened on Dec. 3 2006 — a cold rainy Sunday in Cary. Sometime in the late afternoon the referee blew the final whistle on the North Carolina women's soccer season" and the Tar Heels bore the moniker ""National Champions"" for the 19th time in school history. One day later"" The Daily Tar Heel's front page headline read: ""Return to the Throne.""