Sarah Frier


The learning curve of the DTH

The job means working constant hours and making decisions that draw merciless public scrutiny. It means feeling, sometimes, like you’re graduating from The Daily Tar Heel and not from UNC.

Lawsuit decision is a call for openness

On Tuesday, a state judge told the University that it was overusing a federal statute to illegally withhold information from the public. The University should not have denied The Daily Tar Heel and other media organizations certain records they requested during the NCAA investigation into the football team.

	Will Pettis after police asked him to move his truck from the Dead Mule Club parking lot. Pettis co-owns Will and Pop’s with his father, Kenny.

Chapel Hill kicks food truck off Franklin Street

Will Pettis thinks he did everything he could to make sure his food truck was legal — he said he has his permits, pays his taxes, meets health code and parks with permission. He still doesn’t understand why police kicked his truck off West Franklin Street on Wednesday.

UNC endowments on road to long-term recovery

The company that manages about $2.5 billion of UNC’s endowed funds hasn’t met its performance benchmarks for two fiscal years. Chief Executive Officer Jon King can’t let himself get worried. “It’s human nature that when you’re underperforming you want to do something radical,” he said. “But the worst thing we could do is overreact.”

Why we are suing UNC

A lawsuit is a last resort. But it is in everybody’s best interest to know if the University has handled an investigation into the football team the right way.

A Carolina cover-up

As a meeting of the Honor Court ended late Thursday, a reporter for The Daily Tar Heel was asked to leave the premises of the Student and Academic Services Building — a public space he had a right to be in.

Universities shouldn't hide behind FERPA

Students don’t have to worry about the University releasing their grades or academic behavior records to the public without their permission. But the same federal law that protects that information has been broadened and abused by universities to withhold public records — records that if released, could help bring clarity and transparency to government processes.

	Laurence Alvin Lovette Jr., who is charged with the murder of former student body president Eve Carson.

Demario Atwater to serve life in prison

More than two years since men kidnapped and shot UNC’s student body president, one killer’s legal journey through two court systems has landed him in prison for life. Demario James Atwater, 23, received his federal sentence in Winston-Salem Thursday after pleading guilty to charges related to former Student Body President Eve Carson’s death.


Bowles comments on NCAA investigation

Erskine Bowles, the president of the UNC-system, wrote an e-mail to the Board of Governors reassuring them that UNC-Chapel Hill is doing “everything humanly possible to get to the bottom of this matter.”