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Noah Lieberman is a UNC senior running for the N.C. House of  

Noah Lieberman goes to Raleigh

UNC senior Noah Lezin Lieberman could be that 6-foot-tall redhead on your bus. He loves the sweet potato gnocchi his mom makes from scratch. He competes in national Scrabble championships with his parents and two younger sisters.

(From Left) Talia Lombardo and Carina Lombardo dress up for the Comic-Con hosted by the Durham Convention Center on Sunday.

NC Comicon unites fans and artists

The sixth annual N.C. Comicon brought more than 8,500 cosplayers, artists and entrepreneurs to the Durham Convention Center and the Armory to celebrate the sci-fi/fantasy multiverse this weekend.

CUAB hosts Jessica Lea Mayfield

Jessica Lea Mayfield, who has performed with North Carolina natives The Avett Brothers and alternative rock group The Black Keys, is coming to Historic Playmakers Theatre Tuesday.