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Orange County Election officials, Ed Tostanoski, Dirk Kelder, and Joe Jackson wait to help early voters cast their vote at Chapel of the Cross church at 304 Franklin St. on Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2019.

Here's why some students are concerned about voter suppression at UNC

The New York Times recently ran an article about efforts to suppress the student vote at universities nationwide. As election day draws near, some students are concerned that this trend extends to UNC, as well.  Specifically, a concern students have at UNC is the possibility that One Cards may not be valid forms of identification by the Nov. 15 deadline. The University said it is working closely with the UNC System and State Board of Elections to meet the deadline. While some students think UNC does enough to make voting easy for students, others worry that missing the One Card deadline could negatively impact turnout.

A pro-Confederate protester shakes hands with UNC Police officer Timothy Tickle after Tickle explained to protesters the boundaries of UNC's campus on March, 16, 2019.The pro-Confederate group then left campus. Photo courtesy of Daniel Hosterman.

Months after controversy fueled its formation, UNC's safety commission faces questions

Campus Safety Commission meetings have been in session over the last two months to give students, faculty and staff the opportunity to discuss their concerns with being safe on campus. Since it convened it April, there have been 13 listening sessions with some being geared toward specific communities on campus.  But while the premise of bringing together stakeholders from the University together seems like a step in the right direction, some have said the goal is undermined by poor publicity and attendance. 

Senior neuroscience major Rachel Morris holds up a pro-choice sign in response to a pro-life demonstration in the quad on Monday, Oct. 21, 2019.

Maya Little arrested Monday after group protesting abortion came to campus

UNC graduate student and activist Maya Little was arrested on Monday and charged with misdemeanor larceny. The arrest occurred during a counterprotest, which opposed the  Genocide Awareness Project exhibit. The exhibit, which compares abortions to genocides and other human rights violations, is scheduled to be on campus from Monday to Wednesday. The University sent an email on Friday to warn students about the exhibit and offer psychological services they could reach out to if disturbed by the exhibit.  Because UNC is a public university, protesters are permitted to exercise free speech on campus grounds. However, some students felt UNC could have done more to prevent the unsettling images they saw on Monday. 


Ken Klukowski, senior legal editor for Breitbart New Network lectures at UNC School of Law amidst protests at noon on Tuesday.

Law Kavanaugh

Ken Klukowski, senior legal editor for Breitbart New Network lectures at UNC School of Law amidst protests at noon on Tuesday.