Will Jackson


Music Review: Cloud Nothings

Here and Nowhere Else is the definition of garage punk rock. Cloud Nothings, known for its fuzzy, screeching guitars and loud, fast vocals continue that trend here. It is an album that sticks to the basics, one or two guitars, a bass and drums with vocals, yet is still rich and tires out the listener with its rapid pace.

Music Review: Protomartyr

Following in the line of the Smiths and Joy Division, Protomartyr uses a variety of styles and instruments to complement melancholy lyrics, not overpower them. Drawing influence from the British post-punk movement and garage rock, Protomartyr’s Under the Color of Official Right is a grungy, yet polished, punk record.

Music Review: Perfect Pussy

From the first note to the final note in Perfect Pussy’s 23-minute debut, Say Yes To Love, the band never slows down. Fuzzed out, shouted lyrics paired with guitar static and manic drumming create a sound that’s explosive.

Music Review: Schoolboy Q

Schoolboy Q Oxymoron ???? Rap From the very beginning of his new album, ScHoolboy Q lets you know who he is: a gangsta. Oxymoron, the second album from the L.A. rapper, is a modern reincarnation of West Coast street rap.

Music Review: St. Vincent

St. Vincent St. Vincent ????1/2 Rock Annie Clark, better known as St. Vincent, has combined her electric rock roots with a multitude of other influences to create an album with a remarkably distinct sound.

Music Review: Broken Bells

Broken Bells After the Disco ????1/2 Rock Shrouded in doubt after three long years of waiting, the rock duo Broken Bells is back with its second full-length LP, After the Disco. And while remnants of the group’s style from its self-titled release still remain, major shifts in the band’s artistry are evident.

Column: Grammys miss the mark

In a culture that celebrates shallow, pump-it-out music, the Grammys propelled that trend, handing out awards to artists who follow the formula for radio success instead of those pioneering new territories.

Music Review: Young the Giant

Young the Giant Mind Over Matter ???1/2 Rock On its sophomore album, Mind Over Matter, Young the Giant begins to drop its indie-pop aesthetic from its self-titled debut for a polished rock sound.

Music Review: Damien Jurado

Damien Jurado Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son ???? Folk Damien Jurado is known for making unique records, and that trend continues on Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son. In his Johnny Cash-like voice, Jurado croons about the process of finding oneself.

Music Review: Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells Bitter Rivals Rock Bitter Rivals, the third release by Brooklyn noise pop duo Sleigh Bells, shows the band reaching new heights in its music.