Yoon Ju Chung


Raleigh police vote not to boycott Beyoncé concert

Beyonce’s Super Bowl halftime show and her “Formation” music video triggered police unions in Miami, Tampa and Nashville to boycott any off-duty security work for her upcoming concerts — but Raleigh’s police union unanimously voted not to boycott.

Q&A with archaeology professor Jennifer Gates-Foster

Since ISIS seized control of Palmyra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Syria, in May, the nation's cultural heritage has continued to be targeted — most recently with the destruction of the Arch of Triumph. Staff writer Yoon Ju sat down with Jennifer Gates-Foster, a UNC assistant professor of classical archaeology, who said this destruction should be classified as a war crime because it obliterates traces of Syrian history. The Daily Tar Heel: Why is the city of Palmyra and the Arch of Triumph historically important? Jennifer Gates-Foster: Palmyra was a trading hub and a point of contact among a lot of communities that were active in the Roman era.

Everything you need to vote early

If you're the kind of person who turns in assignments before deadline or shows up to class 15 minutes early, North Carolina has good news for you — you can now vote in the North Carolina primary 12 days before it's scheduled to happen.

Duke community still shaken by finding of noose on campus

Students at Duke University remain shaken by the finding of a noose made of a thin yellow rope on campus last week. And it hit particularly hard given that it has been just two weeks since drunken white male students chanted a racist song that alluded to lynching at a black female student.

Amtrak releases comically redacted customer complaints

Last June, a user on the public records site, MuckRock, requested consumer complaints from the publicly funded train company, Amtrak. But after nine months of waiting, Conor Skelding received 317 pages of complaints so heavily redacted, they make declassified military documents seem transparent.