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Kathryn  Thacker, a first year public policy major from Durham, was at sidelined from soccer with a concussion in 2015. 

High schools get ahead of concussions

Andrew Ciaccia felt disoriented and began laughing uncontrollably at random moments because he couldn’t control his emotions. He later discovered he had a concussion from playing Lacrosse in high school. 

Hazmat, a local smoking accessory, apparel, and alternative goods store, has a large selection of personal Hookahs.

Hookah bars are a thing of Chapel Hill’s past

After Hookah Bliss closed in 2010, hookah bars have all but died in Chapel Hill — and this is likely to remain so. The Orange County Smoke-Free Public Places Rule passed in 2012 effectively prohibited smoking in any indoor premises where the public is allowed. The rule came at the heels of a statewide smoking ban in public places that was passed in 2010.

Bartenders are liable for who they serve

Former UNC student Chandler Kania, 20, visited two Chapel Hill bars early in the morning on July 19, according to law enforcement officers. Officers say he had a fake ID that was checked at the door and had no problem buying drinks.

Courtesy of the Abu-Salha family

Hate crime status of Chapel Hill shooting discussed

Seven months after the Chapel Hill shooting, Yousef Abu-Salha, brother of the victims, is busy studying for his first exams at the UNC School of Medicine, keeping up with philanthropic activities inspired by the deceased and awaiting the verdict of the murderer. 

"Art at the Source" with Carroll Lassiter

In partnership with Chapel Hill’s FRANK Gallery, Canvas will take a behind-the-scenes look at artists from various disciplines over the spring semester. In this second installment of the series, staff writer Nat Zhai met with artist Carroll Lassiter to discuss the life, loves, career and craft of a painter and sketch artist.