As Register, Chilton would ignore Amendment One

The race for Orange County Register of Deeds just got a little more interesting.

Former Carrboro Mayor Mark Chilton is running for the position and announced last week he will be signing same sex marriage licenses if he is elected Register of Deeds.

Chilton said if he is elected, he would not enforce Amendment One, the controversial constitutional ban on gay marriage voters approved in May 2012.

“I think it’s clear that Amendment One prohibiting same sex marriage is unconstitutional,” Chilton said. “There’s no doubt that the federal constitution prohibits the use of legislation to oppress people.”

Three different candidates are up for election as Orange County Register of Deeds on May 6. The other two being current Register of Deeds Deborah Brooks, and Sara Stephens, who said she has worked in the Register’s office for 5 years.

Stephens said she recognizes Orange County is a very liberal county and she plans to uphold the duties of the office and adhere to the general statutes laid out for the position by the state.

Both Chilton and Stephens said they intend to bring the office into a more modernized and digital age.

“We can make many improvements to the way we are using technology,” said Chilton.

Chilton said he wants to make it easier to access land records online and easier to do title searching online.

Brooks, who has worked at the deeds office for 38 years, said she knows the importance of protecting and updating the personal and real estate records of Orange County.

“Treat everyone the same, realizing the laws of North Carolina require you to do certain things but still trying to satisfy the customer.”

Stephens, who is a 7th generation Orange County native, said her family has deep roots in community service.

She said she plans to take the office into the world of electronic records while maintaining the best customer service and best user atmosphere as possible.?

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