N.C. State to use tamaskan dog for mascot

Mr. and Mrs. Wuf— a costumed wolf couple who cheer and support N.C. State University’s athletic teams — weren’t enough for wolfpack fans.

Students’ pleas were answered when Athletic Director Deborah Yow decided to use a live canine as an additional cheerleader for the team. A Tamaskan dog, a special breed with a striking similarity to a wolf, will be joining Mr. and Mrs. Wuf, said Annabelle Myers assistant athletic director for media relations at NCSU.

“Its something our fans wanted, so we are just responding to our fans,” Myers said.

NCSU has had several mascot mishaps in the past, including a wolf that had a premature mysterious death.

In 1967 the school had what they thought was a real wolf mascot. To everyone’s surprise the cool-nerved wolf was in fact a coyote.

“We have learned from history and to have a real wolf in the field is not possible,” Myers said.

School officials said they are hoping that the new mascot might be here to stay.

“I wouldn’t say we officially have a new mascot but everything seemed to go fine,” Myers said.

Lyndsey Hutchens a junior business major at NCSU, said she saw the dog at the last game and it didn’t seem to be disturbed by the crowd.

“It wasn’t a huskee. I don’t know what it was but it looked like a wolf,” Hutchens said.

Despite the fact that it is a dog, the student reaction seemed to be in a majority very positive, Myers said.

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