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UNC has been plagued by an academic-athletic scandal that has led to one of the biggest investigations into academic improprieties in NCAA history.

The scandal, which was fully unearthed by the Wainstein report in October 2014, revolves around the former Department of African and African-American Studies. Wainstein's report detailed nearly two decades of no-show classes that allowed many athletes to stay eligible and inflated the grades of non-athletes as well.

The investigation into UNC began in 2010, after a tweet from former football player Marvin Austin exposed potential illegal benefits. After it was revealed there were inappropriate agent contact with coaches and players, NCAA investigators and reporters examined UNC's academics more closely, eventually revealing the academic fraud within the former Department of African and African-American Studies.

The scandal's newest chapter


Nashville, Tenn. — Six years and three notices of allegations since the first reports of a possible athletic-academic scandal at UNC, the NCAA held a Nashville-based hearing on Wednesday and Thursday — one with coaches and university representatives on the roster. 

Quick hits from UNC's NCAA hearing: Day 1


NASHVILLE, Tenn. — North Carolina’s highly anticipated hearing in front of the NCAA Committee on Infractions began today in Nashville, Tenn. The hearing is closed to the public, but assistant sports editor James Tatter is on the scene with some updates from the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center.

UNC releases NCAA correspondence

On the afternoon of July 25, UNC released correspondence between the University and the NCAA following UNC’s release of their response to the NCAA’s third Notice of Allegations on May 25. 

UNC responds to NCAA's third Notice of Allegations

UNC has released their response to the NCAA's third Notice of Allegations on their Carolina Commitment website after a review to protect privacy rights. 

NCAA sets tentative date for hearings on academic-athletic scandal


UNC released multiple letters Tuesday between the University and the NCAA regarding the timeline for responses to the NCAA's third Notice of Allegations and hearing dates.

An agency's oversight: How NCAA enforcement policies failed to catch scandal at UNC


One day, someone will tally up all the mail that comes into the NCAA office in Indianapolis and discover it circles the globe twice — or some other preposterous factoid. But in 2010, there was just another full inbox for an NCAA enforcement staff member to go through, with an email from Mary Willingham.

History faculty say cancellation of Jay Smith's big-time college sports course violated academic freedom


More than 40 members of the history department objected to administrative interference in Professor Jay Smith’s History 383 course on the history of big-time college sports and the rights of athletes in an open statement sent to the deans of the College of Arts and Sciences Friday. 

Second UNC academic fraud case dismissed in court

Former UNC athletes seeking compensation from the university for its long-running academic fraud suffered another loss Tuesday.

U-Maryland president calls for NCAA 'death penalty' for UNC athletics

University of Maryland President Wallace Loh said he would think UNC’s academic scandal would lead to the NCAA death penalty in a meeting April 6. 

Roy Williams weighs in on men's basketball involvement in NCAA scandal


At Sunday’s press conference before the NCAA Championship game on Monday, head coach Roy Williams was asked about the academic-athletic scandal and if he is worried his players will be affected by any rulings.

Deborah Crowder responds to NCAA allegations

Deborah Crowder, who was named in the second Amended Notice of Allegations from the NCAA as administering fake classes for the African and Afro-American Studies Department, has released an affidavit stating that the accusations against her are untrue.

How the third NCAA Notice of Allegations to UNC differs from the first two

The NCAA's third Notice of Allegations for UNC-Chapel Hill was released Thursday, and Athletic Director Bubba Cunningham said he's never seen this many notices on one case. Assistant sports editor Blake Richardson compared the three NOAs and found that the latest notice differs from the first and second ones in a few key areas. Here are the six biggest differences.

Q&A with former N.C. Supreme Court justice Robert Orr on UNC's new Notice of Allegations from NCAA

UNC released its third Notice of Allegations from the NCAA on Thursday. The notice included references to men's basketball and football, which were not included in the last NOA.

UNC's third NOA reintroduces football and men's basketball, expands scope of who provided extra benefits

UNC's third Notice of Allegations from the NCAA is notably harsher than its immediate predecessor.

NCAA gives UNC third Notice of Allegations

UNC has received the third notice of allegations from the NCAA, UNC spokesperson Rick White said. 

NCAA rejects UNC's response as 'without merit'

The NCAA enforcement staff has rejected UNC’s most recent defense against potential penalties for its academic scandal, as shown in documents released Tuesday by the University.

Review group involves UNC student-athletes to discuss their academic life

UNC administrators are making an effort to better include student-athletes in the conversation around the academic-athletic scandal.

Q&A with sports law professor Tim Davis on UNC's Amended NOA


Tim Davis is a professor at Wake Forest University School of Law who is an expert in sports law. University Editor Acy Jackson talked with Davis about his opinions on UNC’s recent response to the Amended Notice of Allegations from the NCAA.

UNC challenges Notice of Allegations in response to NCAA

Two notices and 439 days later, UNC has responded to allegations of severe breaches of conduct related to its academic-athletic scandal.

The University will respond to NCAA allegations Aug. 1

The University was granted an extra week by the NCAA to respond to its amended notice of allegations.

UNC maintains accreditation after scandal

On Thursday, Chancellor Carol Folt announced the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges had lifted UNC's academic probation and maintained the University's accreditation. 

Probation on University accreditation lifted

Chancellor Folt announced today the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools has lifted UNC’s academic probation one year after it was put in place. 

Faculty athletics committee studies patterns of student-athletes

By Jamie Gwaltney

University Editor

In the faculty athletics committee meeting on Tuesday, members reviewed a study on patterns within classes taken by student-athletes.

NCAA releases exhibits supporting Notice of Allegations

UNC released over 240 pages of exhibits it received from the NCAA that help support the claims of academic misconduct made in the second Notice of Allegations on Thursday.

Wainstein's report, NCAA notices and accrediting response paint different pictures


In October 2014, the public was given what was considered the end of UNC’s yearslong academic-athletic scandal: independent investigator Kenneth Wainstein’s report.