Topics: Panhellenic Council

The Panhellenic Council is the governing body of the 10 National Panhellenic sororities and the one Associate Member sorority at UNC. It is the largest women’s organization on campus. The Panhellenic Council emphasizes the bonds of sisterhood as well as academics, community and campus involvement. The council has eight elected representatives in charge of different aspects of the council. 

Good Neighbor Initiative aims to bring community together

The Good Neighbor Initiative hosted its annual Neighborhood Night Out and Block Party on Thursday to bring students and local residents together living in Chapel Hill neighborhoods.  

UNC sorority recruitment postponed due to stomach virus

Aaron Bachenheimer, director of fraternity and sorority life and community involvement at UNC, said there is currently no answer as to when sorority recruitment will resume, and they are determining a plan to decide how and when to move forward.

The speed bumps for Uber plans have gotten bigger

Plans to provide free Uber rides for UNC students have officially stalled.

Student Body President Bradley Opere said the talks between Uber and UNC are at a standstill because a decision can’t be reached over accessibility and liability issues.

Cole got a bid — Twitter feed of bid day 2016

On Wednesday, Daily Tar Heel reporter Cole del Charco experienced Bid Day 2016 up close. He went through the whole process from getting envelopes to parties at sorority houses. He live tweeted the entire event. 

Plans for free Uber rides aren't solid yet

UNC students might soon have access to free Uber rides around Chapel Hill. 

A new colony finds its way to UNC

This year, UNC’s Panhellenic Council welcomed Alpha Phi as its newest colony.

New sorority members received their bids, rushed to houses to celebrate


Sorority houses covered in decorations and brand-new sorority members sprinting to the houses: Bid Day, which marked the end of Panhellenic Council sorority recruitment Wednesday, is an annual tradition.

Phi Mu celebrates 50th anniversary on campus


Homecoming wasn’t the only reason to celebrate this weekend.

Alpha Phi sorority starting in spring

The newest member of UNC’s Panhellenic Council — Alpha Phi sorority — will begin making its presence known on campus within the next few months.

Students smashed scales to challenge body image issues


Students attacked eating disorders with sledgehammers and baseball bats outside Davis Library Wednesday afternoon.

Sorority Bid day held in McCorkle Place Wednesday


Screams echoed through McCorkle Place as hundreds of girls sprinted into each other’s arms.

Panhellenic Council to add a new sorority in 2015

Women at UNC looking to join Greek life will soon have a new sorority to choose from during recruitment.

Panhellenic Council votes against adding new sorority this fall

The Panhellenic community has seen increases in the last few years — both in the number of women rushing and the number of women matched to a sorority.

Greek community may grow, will considering bringing new sorority chapter to UNC

Prompted by a desire to expand, UNC’s Panhellenic Council might accept a new sorority chapter as early as fall 2014.

IFC, Panhellenic presidents elected


Two governing bodies of Greek life on campus have elected their next leaders.

A new recruitment, stronger rules


UNC sororities have amped up for fall recruitment — and so has the Panhellenic Council, by updating its rules on how new members are recruited.

UNC sororities to impose tighter recruiting restrictions in fall 2012

Though they have not been the focus of the Greek system’s reform-minded critics in recent years, the University’s sororities are tightening the rules on how they recruit new members.

Greek organizations may not take new members despite spring rush requirement

The University’s Board of Trustees mandated last year that every Greek organization offer a spring alternative to fall recruitment, but the reality might not be as clear cut.

UNC’s Panhellenic Council elects new president


Ana Samper isn’t looking to make radical changes to the Panhellenic Council. Samper, who was elected president of the council Monday night, said she will instead focus her efforts on perfecting projects implemented this year.

Cooper asks Kleinschmidt for help on Safe Ride taxi program

Student Body President Mary Cooper is one step closer to implementing a Safe Ride taxi program that would give off-campus students an affordable and safe transportation alternative.