The role of universities in adjudicating cases of sexual assault among their students has been the object of heavy scrutiny in recent months. UNC, now the subject of two federal reviews evaluating its handling of sexual misconduct, has been at the fore of the conversation. The efforts of students Landen Gambill and Andrea Pino, and alumna Annie Clark to call attention to what they say is UNC's flawed and discriminatory procedures have been the subject of coverage in national media outlets.

But similar efforts have been playing out across the country. Few major universities have been left untouched by the national focus. Below is a list, updated daily, of articles surrounding the issue submitted by student newspapers across the country.

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Michigan: University officials discuss sexual misconduct, alcohol use

Though national reports may illustrate a correlation between alcohol use and sexual assault, recognizing the problem is just half the battle for universities trying to create a safer campus.

Jack Turman | April 21, 2015

New Mexico: Sexual Assault Awareness month time to highlight LoboRESPECT initiatives

April is “Sexual Assault Awareness” month, and provides the perfect opportunity to review where the University stands with its new LoboRESPECT initiative, which addresses sexual violence issues in a cohesive community-wide approach.

Dianne Anderson | April 21, 2015

Iowa State: Students may speak anonymously with Office of Civil Rights on sexual assault

Students can speak to the The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights anonymously Tuesday and Wednesday.

Makayla Tendall | April 20, 2015

Dartmouth: “The Hunting Ground” discusses sexual assault at colleges

“I think that we are honor bound to play this film,” manager of the Hopkins Center’s film program Sydney Stowe, said. “The minute we heard the film was out and released we went for it.”

Annie Smith | April 20, 2015

Boise State: Film screening contributes to Boise State’s sexual assault campaign

Boise State isn’t much different from other universities when it comes to sexual assault occurrences, according to Annie Kerrick, Boise State’s director of Title IX.

Eryn Shay Johnson | April 20, 2015

Miami: Class fights sexual assault

According to the nonprofit organization One in Four, about a fourth of college women have survived rape or attempted rape.

Edward Punales | April 20, 2015

Arkansas: STAR Central and RESPECT Announce Events for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

STAR Central and the RESPECT program will sponsor and lead a number of educational and awareness events during the month of April to address and speak out against sexual assault and violence, particularly violence against women.

| April 19, 2015

UNC: "Hunting Ground" panel discusses assault epidemic

Zero: the number of students expelled from UNC for sexual assault in recent years.

Sofia Edelman | April 19, 2015

Iowa State: Students ask for clear answers from administrators on sexual assault policy

"What is the punishment for a student who rapes?"

Makayla Tendall | April 16, 2015

Rutgers: Rutgers students take stance against violence during Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Every April, advocates rally on a national scale in support of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Coordinated by the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, the movement is an effort to promote awareness, ensure safer campuses and prevent sexual assault.

Francesca Falzon | April 16, 2015

Loyola: 'I didn't realize my actions had consequences'

John Doe (name has been changed) was a senior screenwriting major at LMU in December 2013. At the time, he was an alcoholic and he was failing his classes.

Ali Swenson | April 16, 2015

Loyola: First-person feature: parents of a rape survivor tell their story

The following story was written by the parents of the survivor of the rape that police say took place in the early morning hours of Nov. 1, 2014 on the 8700 block of Yorktown Avenue.

Parents of an LMU student | April 16, 2015

West Virginia: Students paint themselves black to bring awareness to sexual assault

West Virginia University art student Jordyn Clements painted models black from head to toe, adding red handprints on various body parts to raise awareness for sexual assault Friday afternoon in the Mountainlair.

Emily Leslie | April 13, 2015

West Virginia: Network of students, community leaders work to end sexual assault

While other West Virginia University students stood in line for bar crawls or laughed with friends at formal, dozens marched up High Street Friday night in the Stand Against Walk chanting, “A dress is not a yes.”

Jake Jarvis | April 13, 2015

Brown: Activists march for sexual assault awareness

A swarm of about 40 students dressed in teal shirts converged on the Main Green Sunday to raise awareness about sexual assault at Brown in the second annual March Against Sexual Assault.

Anica Green | April 13, 2015

Harvard: Seeking answers on campus sexual assault

Over the past year, the Task Force on the Prevention of Sexual Assault has been gathering information to lay the groundwork for interventions to lower the incidence of sexual assault, harassment, and other misconduct at Harvard, as well as for improvements in supporting students who have experienced such misconduct.

Alvin Powell | April 12, 2015

Michigan: Schlissel: University to improve sexual assault investigation procedures

Sexual assault on campus dominated the conversation Wednesday at University President Mark Schlissel’s final fireside chat of the year.

Genevieve Hummer | April 09, 2015

Illinois: Sexual assault survivors and allies remind campus community ‘it happens here’

Standing up to a packed room, students shed light on sexual assaults by reading aloud anonymously submitted stories.

Brittany Zeeb | April 08, 2015

Ball State: Effectiveness of new sexual assault prevention program hard to measure

Starting in August 2014, Ball State implemented an online education program for all incoming freshmen and transfer students called Think About It.

Kara Berg | April 08, 2015

Michigan: Investigational Equity: Student challenges University sexual assault policies

Documents reviewed by The Michigan Daily, detailing a 2013 sexual assault complaint filed by a University student, raise questions about the University’s process for investigating allegations of sexual misconduct.

Emma Kerr | April 08, 2015