The role of universities in adjudicating cases of sexual assault among their students has been the object of heavy scrutiny in recent months. UNC, now the subject of two federal reviews evaluating its handling of sexual misconduct, has been at the fore of the conversation. The efforts of students Landen Gambill and Andrea Pino, and alumna Annie Clark to call attention to what they say is UNC's flawed and discriminatory procedures have been the subject of coverage in national media outlets.

But similar efforts have been playing out across the country. Few major universities have been left untouched by the national focus. Below is a list, updated daily, of articles surrounding the issue submitted by student newspapers across the country.

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Virginia: Navigating the red zone: sexual assault spikes in the first months of college

In the nine days since classes have kicked off, the University community has received two emails detailing the reports of two separate sexual assaults. These assaults have taken place during what sexual assault prevention groups and educators refer to as the “red zone,” or the period in the first six to 10 weeks of schools during which most sexual assaults occur on college campuses.

Hannah Mezzacappa | September 03, 2015

Syracuse: ‘Enough is Enough’ affects SU’s sexual assault policy, changes definition of consent

With college women at a higher risk of sexual assault than their non-college-bound peers, New York state has implemented new legislation aimed at combatting the disparity.

Sara Swann | September 02, 2015

Columbia: Barnard revises sexual assault policy, now handles cases in which the accused is a Barnard student

Barnard has revised its policy against discrimination and harassment and other related gender-based misconduct procedures so that the college will now wholly manage cases in which the accused student attends Barnard. Previously, Barnard’s Title IX and Equity Office only oversaw cases in which both the respondent and the complainant were Barnard students.

J. Clara Chan | September 02, 2015

Penn State: Sexual assault survey aims to measure Penn State students’ knowledge

The discussion about sexual assault at Penn State will be continued with the distribution of a new survey aimed to measure prevalence rates and student knowledge about sexual assault on campus.

Adrea Cope | September 02, 2015

Tennessee: Sexual assault panel makes red-carpet debut for Red Zone

A red carpet acts as a runway for famous celebrities, designer stilettos and paparazzi photo-ops— it's rarely used as a medium to spread awareness on systemic issues.

Heidi Hill | September 02, 2015

UC Berkeley: UC Berkeley students, administrators hire staff to address sexual assault

UC Berkeley has added two more staff members since the spring semester to support survivors of sexual assault by providing medical, legal and academic resources.

Austin Weinstein | September 02, 2015

Tennessee: Students learn about campus sexual assault

The Center for Health Education & Wellness (CHEW) hosted a sexual assault prevention seminar in Presidential Court on Monday as part of their week-long campaign against on-campus sexual assault.

Connor Barnhill | September 02, 2015

Columbia: Columbia revises sexual assault policy, changes hearings and appeals process

In accordance with a New York state law passed this summer, Columbia’s new sexual assault policy includes changes to the appeals process and clarifications of existing procedures.  

Teo Armus | September 02, 2015

American: Sexual assault prevention program ‘Empower AU’ piloted during Welcome Week

Empower AU, a program designed to educate incoming freshmen and transfer students about sexual assault prevention during Welcome Week, was launched for the first time this school year.

Jillian O'Donohoe | August 31, 2015

Columbia: Barnard revises sexual assault policy, now handles cases in which the accused is a Barnard student

Barnard has revised its policy against discrimination and harassment and other related gender-based misconduct procedures so that the College will now wholly manage cases in which the accused student attends Barnard. 

J. Clara Chan | August 31, 2015

Pittsburgh: Editorial: America’s sexual education deserves an ‘F’

The rape trial involving a then 15-year-old girl and 18-year-old Owen Labrie at St. Paul’s School in New Hampshire has officially ended — what have we learned?

The Pitt News Editorial Board | August 31, 2015

Penn State: Fourth sexual assault in four days reported to State College Police

The Mount Nittany Medical Center reported a sexual assault to the State College Police sometime after 7 p.m. on Saturday.

Melanie Brusseler | August 31, 2015

Notre Dame: Two sexual crimes reported on campus

For the second time since the beginning of the new school year a week ago, Notre Dame students received a campus-wide email informing them of a sexual assault reported on campus.

Observer Staff Report | August 30, 2015

Penn State: Second sexual assault reported in three days

A sexual assault was reported at 3:40 a.m. Saturday by a member of a Penn State fraternity, the State College Police Department said.

Mark Marino | August 30, 2015

Ball State: Sexual assault prevention campaign expands efforts with week of events

Last semester, many Ball State students took a pledge to intervene in the event of sexual assault.

Kanyinsola Ajayi | August 30, 2015

Georgetown: Beyond Title IX: Georgetown’s changing conversation around sexual assault

According to Georgetown’s Annual Crime Report, 41 reports of sexual misconduct in 2013-2014 and 46 in 2014-2015 came to the Title IX Deputy Coordinator for Undergraduate Students.

Courtnie Baek | August 30, 2015

Kansas State: ‘Think About It’ training required for all students

By Monday, students were to have completed a substance abuse and sexual violence awareness program called “Think About It” as part of the web-based Alcohol and Sexual Assault Prevention Program, or ASAP.

Kelsey Kendall | August 27, 2015

ETSU: Officials say awareness of sexual assaults has increased on campus

The ETSU Department of Public Safety recently received a report alleging that a female student was a sexually assaulted by a male acquaintance in an ETSU residence hall on Aug. 20.

Heath Owens | August 27, 2015

UT Arlington: Sexual assault policy ahead of recent law

The Relationship Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention office is ahead of the legislative curve this semester.

Kelsey Thompson | August 27, 2015

Virginia: New University program aims to discuss sexual assault with every first year

One Less and One in Four are collaborating to establish “Dorm Norms,” a new safety initiative aiming to discuss sexual assault with all first-year students. 

Owen Robinson | August 26, 2015