The role of universities in adjudicating cases of sexual assault among their students has been the object of heavy scrutiny in recent months. UNC, now the subject of two federal reviews evaluating its handling of sexual misconduct, has been at the fore of the conversation. The efforts of students Landen Gambill and Andrea Pino, and alumna Annie Clark to call attention to what they say is UNC's flawed and discriminatory procedures have been the subject of coverage in national media outlets.

But similar efforts have been playing out across the country. Few major universities have been left untouched by the national focus. Below is a list, updated daily, of articles surrounding the issue submitted by student newspapers across the country.

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UNSW Australia: Universities have zero tolerance for sexual assault and harassment on campus

OPINION: This year, vice-chancellors across the country came together to create the Universities Australia Respect.Now.Always. initiative. The intention of this unprecedented national campaign is to make our campuses as free as they possibly can be from sexual harassment and sexual assault. Where this problem exists, our university leaders want to know about it so that action can be taken to address it.

Ian Jacobs | May 16, 2016

U Maine: Fraternity’s sexual assault awareness efforts cited in WABI report

Members of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity at the University of Maine spoke with WABI for a two-part report on sexual assaults on college campuses. Every year, the fraternity raises thousands of dollars for Rape Response Services of Bangor during its Sleep Out, according to the report. “We’re making our strong stance against sexual assault,” Dillon Kress of Beta Theta Pi said of the event where fraternity members stay outside overnight to raise awareness and funds for sexual assault services. Fellow Beta member Christian Labonte said the common misconceptions of fraternities drive the group to lead by example.

| May 16, 2016

American: Alleged sexual assault at Queens College: Panel lacks evidence to indict teacher

The Ministry of Education has said the investigative panel into alleged sexual molestation on a female student of Queens College, Lagos could not establish any evidence to indict the accused teacher. Prof. Anthony Anwukah, the Minister of State for Education, who briefed newsmen on Friday in Abuja, said the mother of the victim failed to appear before the committee to prove her case.

Nan | May 16, 2016

Harvard: Student Sexual Assault Investigations Last Months Past 60-Day Federal Guideline

When the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights found Harvard Law School in violation of anti-sex discrimination law Title IX in late 2014, it suggested a number of revisions to the Law School and University’s process for investigating sexual assault.

Andrew M. Duehren | May 16, 2016

Harvard: On Sexual Assault and Safe Spaces

The summer before my junior year, I was sexually assaulted in my own home.

The night that it happened, I was so drunk that I had passed out. When I woke up, he was on top of me; his fingers inside me. I was too drunk to move or speak. I don’t know how long it lasted. I don’t know how it started. When I woke up the next morning, I felt hungover and heavy, disgusting and disgusted. More than anything, I felt unsafe. My body was not my own—it felt foreign and contaminated. I no longer belonged only to myself. Someone had violated me and I had been wholly unable to stop him. This, I realized, was what real fear felt like. My body was not safe from violence, my space was not safe from invasion, I was not safe from assault. My sense of autonomy had evaporated. All that was left was the permanent etch of his touch on my skin. 

In the past few months, there have been countless conversations and articles about “safe spaces.” In particular, this campus has seen the rise of a striking and ugly anti-safe-space argument: that safe spaces encourage “coddling,” that they restrict free speech, that they condone censorship and pandering. Those who need safe spaces are labeled as whiny, childish, and weak.

Megan G. Jones | May 15, 2016

Tulane: Universities must address correlation between college athletes, sexual assault

According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, one in four women will be sexually assaulted during their college years. Athletes commit one in three college sexual assaults according to a study done between 1991 and 1993 cited by the National Coalition Against Violent Athletes.  

The numbers have only gotten worse since then. The Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport reported in 2011 that there were 700 stories on violent acts by college athletes against women that year, compared to 368 in 1995.

Lily Milwit | May 15, 2016

CSUSM: Sexual assault allegation prompts student action

A recently reported sexual assault at CSUSM has prompted members of the campus community to take action against sexual violence and come together to support survivors.          

Jasmine Demers | May 11, 2016

Texas Tech: Organizations discuss sexual assault myths

As part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Texas Tech is partnering with several departments and organizations on campus to combat common myths about sexual assault.

Easton Wollney | April 20, 2016

U Connecticut: Multiple assailant sexual assault reported in dorm on campus

Students at the University of Connecticut received an email regarding a sexual assault that occurred this past weekend on Tuesday afternoon.

Annabelle Orlando | April 20, 2016

Stanford: Monday event kicks off series on sexual assault

The Clayman Institute for Gender Research hosted the inaugural event for its 18-month series “Breaking the Culture of Sexual Assault” on Monday evening.

Andrea Villa | April 20, 2016

Gannon: Gannon takes a stand against sexual violence

Gannon University hosted its annual Take Back the Night march in Perry Square Monday evening.

Samantha Griswold | April 20, 2016

U Vermont: Mattresses carried to protest sexual assault

On April 15, students gathered outside the Bailey/Howe Library. Instead of backpacks and books, however, they brought their pillows and mattresses.

Hannah Carpino | April 20, 2016

Northwestern: College women shouldn’t have to live in fear of sexual assault

Head Up. Earbuds off. Keep your keys in your hands. Look behind you every few minutes.

Alani Vargas | April 20, 2016

Sonoma: It’s time to talk about sexual assault

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and talking about sexual assault brings up these questions: How often does sexual assault occur? How many women and men are victims of sexual assault? How should I go about helping someone who was sexually assaulted? And what can I do to help spread awareness?

Rene De Amaral | April 20, 2016

U Mississippi: Title IX, University investigate sexual harassment incident at Derby Days

The University’s Title IX office confirmed an investigation regarding allegations of sexual harassment during Sigma Chi’s annual Derby Days event.

Alexis Neely | April 20, 2016

NC State: University to focus surveys on campus sexual assault

NC State will administer a new survey this fall that will collect information and opinions from graduate and undergraduate students about the campus climate as it relates to sexual assault, according to Amy Circosta, interim vice provost of the Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity.

Gavine Stone | April 20, 2016

Illinois: John Kasich's insensitive approach to sexual assault

Ohio Gov. John Kasich spoke briefly at a town hall in Watertown, New York, where he answered questions including one from a student of St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York.

Minju Park | April 20, 2016

Lipscomb: Lipscomb hosts sexual assault awareness week to help promote safe campus environment

The Lipscomb University community has an opportunity this week to learn about the issue of sexual assault and resources that are available on campus for survivors during Sexual Assault Awareness Week 2016 taking place April 18-22.

Kim Chaudoin | April 20, 2016

UW-La Crosse: Bystander sexual assault intervention teaches students to be safe

The Uplifting UPstanders program was held in Centennial Hall on April 14 and seeks to educate students on sexual assault intervention and prevention. The goal of the program includes engaging student leaders on the topic and allowing a space for peer education. Student-led, Uplifting UPstanders molds to the UW-La Crosse campus in order to best serve the community’s needs in terms of sexual assault prevention efforts.

Whitney Storvick | April 20, 2016

Harvard: UC Considers Mobile App for Sexual Assault Response

The Undergraduate Council discussed the possibility of introducing a mobile application that would allow students to more easily report incidents of sexual assault on campus.

Brian P. Yu | April 18, 2016