The role of universities in adjudicating cases of sexual assault among their students has been the object of heavy scrutiny in recent months. UNC, now the subject of two federal reviews evaluating its handling of sexual misconduct, has been at the fore of the conversation. The efforts of students Landen Gambill and Andrea Pino, and alumna Annie Clark to call attention to what they say is UNC's flawed and discriminatory procedures have been the subject of coverage in national media outlets.

But similar efforts have been playing out across the country. Few major universities have been left untouched by the national focus. Below is a list, updated daily, of articles surrounding the issue submitted by student newspapers across the country.

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Augusta: Augusta University to host sexual assault awareness events

In an ongoing effort to bring awareness to sexual violence, Augusta University has partnered with Fort Gordon, Augusta Technical College, and Rape Crisis and Sexual Assault Services to host events throughout April, which is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Danielle Harris | March 27, 2017

Manchester: Sexual harassment ‘epidemic’ at UK universities

The Guardian has reported that sexual harassment at universities in the United Kingdom is at “epidemic levels”. It has been suggested that reported incidents are just “the tip of the iceberg”.

Lily Sheehan | March 27, 2017

McMaster: What Canadian universities don’t tell you

People are quick to believe that Canadian citizens are much more respectful than Americans, but this ceases to be true when it comes to sexual assault on university campuses.

Frances Anderson | March 27, 2017

Portland: Students bring resource recommendations to Title IX review committee listening session

Students came with a variety of recommendations for resources that they’d like to see added at the University of Portland at the Ad Hoc Committee on Title IX’s listening session Wednesday night. Student sexual assault survivors, advocates and those who were just curious were all in attendance, and many voiced their frustrations that the event was held in the middle of midterms week, when other students may have been unable to attend.

Delaney Vetter | March 27, 2017

Brigham Young: BYU to survey students about campus culture surrounding sexual assault

BYU President Kevin J Worthen announced in an email today a survey about the campus culture and climate surrounding sexual assault, gender violence and reporting will be sent to students next week.

Kristine Hoyt | March 27, 2017

Johns Hopkins: Sexual assault module frustrates students

Many have criticized “Think About It,” an online training module aiming to educate students on sexual assault, which was recently sent to juniors and seniors.

Morgan Ome | March 27, 2017

Local Bars, Law Enforcement Fund New Tool for Sexual Assault Investigations

Six Athens bars have joined with local law enforcement in the fight to find sexual assault suspects.

WOUB Staff Writer | March 27, 2017

Justice for sexual assault victims

Sexual harassment and sexual assault on college campuses everywhere in the United States is, and always has been, a serious issue of great concern. The consequences and implications for sexual assault vary greatly and have had a great impact on how charges are handled on campuses and even in courtrooms.

Aeriel Storey | March 27, 2017

Campus efforts to mitigate sexual assault don’t guarantee safety

Harmony Notman works full-time at Stonestown Galleria, only a short distance from her Village at Centennial Square residence on campus, but the walk makes her nervous.

Nicole Ortega | March 27, 2017

Sexual assault, binge drinking increase on vacation

Each March, coastal cities brace for a storm of spring breakers that swarm in from across the country. For approximately six weeks, thousands of college students will flood the beaches of South Alabama and Florida, bringing with them an environment of youthful bacchanalia.

Jake Howell | March 27, 2017

Anti-Rape Rally Demands Action from Administration | UMKC Employees Respond with Disdain

Students enraged over the university’s response to recent allegations of rape in Johnson Hall marched into Vice Chancellor Mel Tyler’s office today, only to find Tyler eating pizza. Despite the chants ringing out in front of the administration building only minutes prior, Tyler initially refused to talk with students.

Kara Lewis | March 27, 2017

Spike in Sexual Assaults has Students on Edge

One in three women in the world will become a victim of violence or sexual assault in their lifetime, according to a 2017 campaign to end violence against women by One Billion Rising.

Cheyenne Tex | March 27, 2017

Northwestern: ASG Senate approves code change regarding sexual misconduct

Associated Student Government Senate unanimously approved a change to its code Wednesday that asks members of ASG found responsible for sexual misconduct to resign from their positions.

The bill, which is now part of the ASG code, enacts a policy mandating every member of ASG sign an agreement stating they will voluntarily resign if found responsible for sexual misconduct. The only person who will have access to that information is the ASG adviser, according to the bill.

Jonah Dylan | March 27, 2017

Alabama: Sexual assault, binge drinking increase on vacation

Each March, coastal cities brace for a storm of spring breakers that swarm in from across the country. For approximately six weeks, thousands of college students will flood the beaches of South Alabama and Florida, bringing with them an environment of youthful bacchanalia.

Spring break has long been stereotyped for its non-stop party atmosphere. Every year, beaches and bars crowd with college students ready for some fun in the sun to take their minds off taxing schoolwork. But while students may escape the burden of class, they rarely escape the campus issues of substance abuse and sexual assault.

Jake Howell | March 27, 2017

Duke: DSG initiative aims to reduce risk of sexual assault after Shooters

Saturday nights at Shooters may become safer with a new initiative from Duke Student Government.

The intervention, called the Duke University Safe Keepers, aims to help prevent sexual assaults that may result from encounters at Shooters II Saloon. The initiative would consist of four teams of two students—one male-identifying and one female-identifying. The teams would be stationed outside of Shooters and on the corner of East Campus on Saturday nights, every night of Orientation Week and other days of expected high traffic, such as after basketball games between Duke and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Isabelle Doan | March 27, 2017

Upcoming events benefit students, veterans, families

The University of Connecticut Veterans Affairs and Military Programs is holding a number of events in the upcoming weeks through partnerships with the Violence Against Women Prevention Program, SUBOG Student Activities and the UConn Police Department.

Claire Galvin | March 27, 2017

Breaking down UW-Madison’s sexual assault numbers

Data from a university official recently revealed reports of sexual assault increased by more than 100 in 2016 at UW-Madison, but the report included additional information about the nature of the reports as well.

Jake Skubish | March 27, 2017

Wisconsin: Sexual assault rates spike on football Saturdays at many schools. Is the same true for UW-Madison?

It’s no secret that with high alcohol consumption comes increased rates of sexual assault. But one study shows that sexual assault is especially prevalent on the days of home football games at Division I universities with passionate fanbases.

In other words, schools like UW-Madison.

Noah Habenstreit | March 27, 2017

Wisconsin: ‘Balancing act’: inclusivity in sexual assault prevention remains illusive

Although the statistical majority of perpetrators are men, anyone can be a survivor of sexual assault. On campus, addressing survivors holding identities other than straight women is complex.

The 2015 UW-Madison AAU Campus Climate Survey revealed 16 percent of non-heterosexual males and 43 percent of non-heterosexual females experienced sexual misconduct and/or assault during their time on campus. Transgender and gender non-binary people were not accounted for due to low numbers. Though the chance of being raped is higher for individuals holding one of these identities, the odds of seeing preventative campaigns and non-heteronormative dialogue is low.

Hannah J. Olson | March 27, 2017

Wisconsin: Campus carry detrimental to sexual assault prevention, experts and UW leaders say

While UW System firearm restrictions may find themselves on the legislative chopping block this year, students and activists have raised concerns about the potential impact of such reform on sexual assault on campus.

Among the bills that state Republicans hope to pass this year is campus carry legislation, which seeks to undo campus buildings’ status as gun-free zones and allow permit-holders to carry firearms anywhere on UW grounds. Its supporters argue that campus crime, including sexual assault, will decrease if more people are armed, but opponents say otherwise.

Andy Goldstein | March 27, 2017