The role of universities in adjudicating cases of sexual assault among their students has been the object of heavy scrutiny in recent months. UNC, now the subject of two federal reviews evaluating its handling of sexual misconduct, has been at the fore of the conversation. The efforts of students Landen Gambill and Andrea Pino, and alumna Annie Clark to call attention to what they say is UNC's flawed and discriminatory procedures have been the subject of coverage in national media outlets.

But similar efforts have been playing out across the country. Few major universities have been left untouched by the national focus. Below is a list, updated daily, of articles surrounding the issue submitted by student newspapers across the country.

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Dartmouth: Government updates sexual assault regulations

The College will create new sexual violence prevention programs and enhance existing education and outreach to comply with federal regulations published Monday.

Priya Ramaiah | October 21, 2014

Oregon: University of Oregon releases video to combat sexual assault

The University of Oregon accepted the White House’s “It’s On Us” challenge today with the release of a two-minute long video.

Dahlia Bazzaz | October 21, 2014

Columbia: Bollinger fireside chat: financial aid, rules of conduct, sexual assault policy

University President Lee Bollinger’s first undergraduate fireside chat of the semester on Monday touched upon issues of fundraising, the Rules of University Conduct, and the new sexual assault adjudication policy.

J. Clara Chan | October 21, 2014

UNLV: On a campus of 28,000 students, only five sexual assaults reported

In the wake of the controversies surrounding the investigation of 55 colleges and universities for the mishandling of sexual violence, including Ivy League schools like Harvard and Columbia, having five sexual assaults reported at UNLV almost sounds like a good thing.

Tianna Winters | October 21, 2014

UC San Diego: Proposed Revisions to Sexual Assault Policy

UCSD Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla shared a proposed campus “Policy for Reporting and Responding to Sex Offenses” in an email to university affiliates on Oct. 15. If the new policy proposal is implemented, it would bring UCSD’s protocol for handling sexual violence cases to par with the University of California’s systemwide Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Policy.

Jacky To | October 20, 2014

George Washington: Sexual assault prevention leader named as GW launches response committee

Top officials and students will meet monthly to discuss GW's response to sexual violence and available resources, marking the biggest move on the issue since the University overhauled its sexual assault policy last year.

Colleen Murphy | October 20, 2014

Princeton: U. to hire additional investigator to handle sexual assault cases

The University is scheduled to hire an external investigator to handle sexual misconduct disciplinary proceedings, according to a job posting on the University’s website.

Anna Windemuth | October 14, 2014

Stanford: University sexual assault policy incorprorates ‘Yes Means Yes’ law

On Sept. 30, the University’s written sexual assault policy, as outlined in the Annual Safety, Security & Fire Report, began to include new language aimed at establishing a clear parallel between University policy and California’s SB 967.

Madeleine Han | October 14, 2014

BU: Governor Cuomo announces SUNY-wide changes to combat sexual assault

The State University of New York will soon have uniform protocol to combat sexual assaults on all 64 campuses.

Nicolas Vega | October 14, 2014

UCLA: ‘It’s On Us UCLA’ series aims to encourage dialogue on sexual assault

Royce Hall’s iconic tile walls blurs around Sina Famenini’s face as he stares intently into the camera.

Kendal Mitchell | October 14, 2014

Syracuse: Third listening meeting about SU’s sexual assault services set for Oct. 27

The third listening meeting to address the new sexual assault resources structure at Syracuse University will be on Oct. 27, SU announced in a press release on Monday night.

Anna Merod | October 14, 2014

Rutgers: Debunk problematic stereotypes of sexual assault on campus

On behalf of the School of Social Work’s Center on Violence Against Women and Children, I am writing in response to the Targum article from Sept. 29th, “Rutgers urges students to take sexual assault survey.” Although I commend the Targum for covering this issue and making students aware of the iSPEAK project, I am deeply concerned by the cover image used for this article.

John Schafhauser | October 09, 2014

Michigan State: Students, officials react to sexual assault on Saturday

Olivia Dimmer | October 07, 2014

Valdosta: VSU Sexual Assault Committee issues recommendations

The President’s Special Committee on Sexual Assault Prevention at Valdosta State University has delivered its recommendations on how the school should evaluate and change its sexual assault policies.

Adam Floyd | October 07, 2014

Florida: Federal sexual assault act revision to help LGBTQ students

Revisions made to a federal sexual assault act will now include LGBT students.

Jasmine Osmond | October 07, 2014

UC Berkley: Campus fraternities take steps to prevent sexual assault in Greek system

Amid a federal investigation into UC Berkeley’s handling of sexual assault cases, the Interfraternity Council released a statement Aug. 28 saying it has not taken sufficient action to prevent sexual harassment and violence in the Greek community.

Becca Benham | October 06, 2014

Buffalo: SUNY overhauls sexual assault policies

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Thursday all 64 SUNY schools will have uniform policies on sexual assault. UB officials say much of the university’s policies are already aligned with the new SUNY rules.

Amanda Low | October 06, 2014

Columbia: Suzanne Goldberg responds to students’ proposed sexual assault policy changes

Students who attended a Sept. 9 meeting with University President Lee Bollinger to propose more changes to Columbia’s sexual assault policy received a response last week from Suzanne Goldberg, Bollinger’s special advisor on sexual assault prevention and response.

Emma Bogler | October 05, 2014

George Mason: Turn off the Violence Week Puts Focus on Campus Sex Assault, Safety

Across the country, one in five college women is a victim of sexual assault, and sexual assault is the number-one violent crime on college campuses. In October, George Mason University is stepping up its ongoing initiatives addressing interpersonal violence with its annual Turn off the Violence Week events.

Sudha Kamath | October 02, 2014

Dartmouth: Safety report shows jump in sexual assault, burglary and alcohol reports

Sexual assault and burglary reports jumped in 2013, and following a change in how the College tallies liquor law arrests and violations, reports of these incidents skyrocketed. The College released its annual security and fire safety report as mandated by the Clery Act on Wednesday afternoon.

Zac Hardwick | October 02, 2014