The role of universities in adjudicating cases of sexual assault among their students has been the object of heavy scrutiny in recent months. UNC, now the subject of two federal reviews evaluating its handling of sexual misconduct, has been at the fore of the conversation. The efforts of students Landen Gambill and Andrea Pino, and alumna Annie Clark to call attention to what they say is UNC's flawed and discriminatory procedures have been the subject of coverage in national media outlets.

But similar efforts have been playing out across the country. Few major universities have been left untouched by the national focus. Below is a list, updated daily, of articles surrounding the issue submitted by student newspapers across the country.

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LSU: University reports 22 cases of sexual assault in past five years

The University has had only 22 reported cases of sexual assault over the past five years, according to a 507-page document released Monday by Louisiana’s Board of Regents detailing rates of sexual assault at higher education institutions across the state.

Quint Forgey | September 18, 2014

Columbia: Columbia vs. Catholic high school

I’ve never taken sex ed. This is something I thought was perfectly normal until I arrived at Barnard last year and was promptly schooled in sex, sexuality, gender identity, and consent during NSOP. To be sure, my unfamiliarity with a mandated sex curriculum was a product of my upbringing. (I’m a Catholic school baby raised in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona, and I attended a high school that taught an abstinence-only sex curriculum.) Conversations about consent were neither here nor there at a campus that prided itself on abstinence education.

Paulina Mangubat | September 18, 2014

BC: How Boston College deals with issues of sexual assault

Associate Vice President of Student Affairs Katherine O’Dair discussed the recent and ongoing national conversation about sexual assault on college campuses, and how Boston College is dealing with these issues. O’Dair is also the University’s deputy Title IX coordinator.

Sean Smith | September 18, 2014

Cornell: Should California Redefine Campus Sexual Assault?

When is a kiss considered to be sexual assault?

Julius Kairey | September 18, 2014

UC: Sexual assault survivors urge governor to sign affirmative consent bill at state capitol

About 10 UC students rallied at the state capitol Tuesday to push Gov. Jerry Brown to sign Senate Bill 967 — legislation that would create an affirmative consent standard in California colleges — before the end of the legislative session.

Jean Lee and Adrienne Shih | September 17, 2014

Tennessee: Better safe than sorry: Sexual assault Safety Notices garner student attention

Three weeks, four sexual assaults.

Bradi Musil | September 16, 2014

WKU: Campus hosts sexual violence awareness presentation

Sexual violence awareness has become a prevailing issue on college campuses nationwide, with many facing investigations regarding sexual violence related crimes.

Kierstin Kirk | September 16, 2014

NCSU: Orientation video defines consent to new students

This year, NC State debuted a new 16 minute video about sexual assault and violence that was presented at summer orientations for incoming students.

Lindsay Smith | September 09, 2014

Tennessee: Red Zone Campaign seeks to raise sexual assault awareness

From the moment a freshman walks on campus until the day they leave for Thanksgiving Break, they are in the Red Zone.

Hayley Brundige | September 09, 2014

Columbia: Alumni call for sexual assault reforms in wake of Emma Sulkowicz's mattress project

“Columbia’s given a lot to me and I love Columbia, but part of loving Columbia is being responsible for it,” Calvin Sun, CC ’08, said.

Emma Bogler | September 09, 2014

Washington: NCAA Issues Handbook on Sexual Assault

Earlier this year, the NCAA made public a list of 55 member schools that were under investigation for alleged violations of Title XI, specifically schools where claims of sexual assault or harassment were made.

Randall Floyd | September 07, 2014

Georgia Tech: Sexual Violence Task Force gives recommendations

Last week, The President’s Sexual Violence Task Force finalized their recommendations to prevent sexual assaults on campus and to support victims of assault.

Kenneth Marino | September 07, 2014

Virginia: Preventing sexual assault requires effort from everyone at the University

This past Sunday, the Sexual Violence Prevention Coalition (formerly known as the Sexual Assault Leadership Council) hosted a Peer Education and Sexual Violence Prevention Summit. Attendees included representatives from the SVPC member organizations (Peer Health Educators, Alcohol and Drug Abuse and Prevention Team, One Less, One in Four, and Feminism is For Everyone), and student leaders from across Grounds. This summit was the first of its kind, and facilitated an honest conversation about Sexual Violence and Misconduct, an issue that has recently erupted onto the national stage but has been a problem on our Grounds for many years.

Erica Robertson and Sara Surface and Will Cadigan | September 07, 2014

Kansas: Sexual assault not a learning experience

The University administration should be ashamed at the accusations regarding the mishandling of a reported on-campus rape last year. The University Daily Kansan will seek the truth about why it happened and hold administrative bodies accountable for their actions.

Kansas Editorial Board | September 04, 2014

Kansas: KU Administration lacks response to Huffington Post case

University and Lawrence offices have not responded after coming under national scrutiny based on The Huffington Post article published on Sept. 2 detailing the punishment a student received for sexual assault last year.

Rochelle Valverde | September 04, 2014

Kansas: Acting student body president Emma Halling criticizes sexual assault procedure

Emma Halling, acting student body president presented a resolution to the Student Senate Rights Committee that condemns the University’s handling of sexual assault cases on campus.

Miranda Davis | September 04, 2014

Iowa: UI officials announce sanctioning guidelines against sexual assault

University of Iowa President Sally Mason announced today that the UI has created the first-ever sanctioned guidelines to fight sexual assault on campus.

Daily Iowan Staff | September 04, 2014

Kansas: Students respond with #AGreatPlaceToBeUnsafe

Anger, disbelief, disappointment and horror colored students’ tweets on the #AGreatPlaceToBeUnsafe hashtag on Twitter.

Allison Kite | September 04, 2014

Syracuse: 8 questions about sexual assault resources at SU

In May, Chancellor Kent Syverud announced that the Advocacy Center would close in June and that its sexual assault resources would be moved to other campus offices. Since then, there has been some confusion about these changes and where to go for help.

The Daily Orange News Department | September 04, 2014

UCA: Haven course to raise student awareness on sexual assault issues

The newly implemented mandatory online course Haven raises awareness about sexual misconduct issues surrounding college campuses.

Echo Staff | September 04, 2014