Topics: Student Groups and Organizations

Fishing club prepares for its faceoff against Duke

The Carolina Fishing Club is seeking to reel in a victory Saturday against Duke, but it’s more than just competition that lures students into the organization.

UNC Persian Cultural Society hosts Middle Eastern celebration


It took 1,001 nights for a fabled Persian king to tell stories to his wife, but UNC students only one to get more acquainted with Middle Eastern culture. 

Students declare candidacy for Student Congress


Students running for 18 vacant seats in Student Congress can start collecting signatures at 5 p.m. today.

On-campus food pantry Carolina Cupboard set to launch Friday


On Friday, the basement of Avery Residence Hall will be the site of a food pantry for hungry, low-income students.

Carolina For the Kids limits overhead costs

Carolina For the Kids Foundation, formerly known as Dance Marathon, plays it straight with their fundraising.

Dozen Doughnut Dash fights cancer with doughnuts

If a man in a hot dog costume is scarfing down a dozen doughnuts at the Old Well on Saturday morning, do not be alarmed — he is probably participating in the Dozen Doughnut Dash.

Students get emotional during Coming Out panel


Travis St. Brice began to choke up.

Alpha Phi sorority starting in spring

The newest member of UNC’s Panhellenic Council — Alpha Phi sorority — will begin making its presence known on campus within the next few months.

Breast cancer ‘plague(s) the minority community at large’


Students made cards, attended a lecture and released pink balloons into the sky all in the name of breast cancer awareness among minorities.

College Republicans, Young Democrats argue politics at forum


UNC’s two major political student groups sparred in a debate on Monday, defending the respective positions of U.S. Senate candidates Kay Hagan and Thom Tillis.

Asian Students Association stand with Hong Kong


The UNC Asian Students Association filled the Pit with yellow ribbons and umbrellas Monday in support of the current protests in Hong Kong calling for democracy. 

Zeta Tau Alpha ‘thinks pink’ for breast cancer awareness


For senior Lauren Kangas, Breast Cancer Awareness Month hits close to home.

The brief, wondrous visit of Junot Diaz at UNC


Junot Diaz spent a couple of hours challenging convention in Memorial Hall on Saturday night.

UNC student brings first American Mock World Health Organization to Chapel Hill

The UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health will host students from across the country this weekend for the first American Mock World Health Organization conference

Chapel Hill Melee brings students together through video games


Gathering in front of bright dorm room television screens and over elaborate board games, UNC gamers have built a community of those who love to play.

Tar Heel legend returns to talk sports business


For UNC basketball alumnus J.R. Reid, the question of whether student-athletes should be paid isn't a question at all.

Student group event delves in Latina/o identity issue

It's not something that's talked about a lot. But for the Latino students at UNC, it's something that's felt everyday. 

Student group puts on paint-covered Twister in the Pit


To relieve some midterm stress, students turned to getting their hands and feet a little dirty in the Pit.

Students to ‘speak out’ about sexual assault today

About one month after the University released its new sexual assault policy, members of Project Dinah will gather in the Pit to read aloud anonymous testimonials from survivors of sexual violence.

Dan Ariely debunks opportunity cost at Science Cafe meeting


Ideally, people would think about the opportunity cost of making a purchase, but Duke economics professor and best-selling author Dan Ariely knows people typically only think about the pain associated with spending money.