Topics: Student Groups and Organizations

There are hundreds of student groups and organizations on UNC’s campus. Categories include academic, cultural, religious, fraternity and sorority, ideological, political, media and performance. Find out more about the groups available on the student life website.

UNC's Habitat for Humanity to reach goal of building 10 homes this year


UNC's Habitat for Humanity organization started the 2016-17 year with the ambitious plan to build 10 houses by the end of the spring semester — and they are on track to meet their goal.

Carolina Capoeira Club teaches the rules of dance and war


A club at UNC gives students access to martial arts. Moreover, joining this club lets students learn a bit of foreign language — and even how to play an instrument. 

Embody Carolina aims to empower students during National Eating Disorder Awareness Week


Embody Carolina, a group that raises awareness of eating disorders, is working to reach a wider range of students during National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, which is happening through Saturday.

Students compete to be head of UNC Lettuce Club


There will soon be a group for competitively minded lettuce connoisseurs — the UNC Lettuce Club,

Students create hip-hop organization for community of listeners


A group of friends who spend their time listening to and discussing hip-hop have found a community of students who do the same.

After one year, SWIRL is still growing as a home for students of all backgrounds


In 2015, Leona Amosah founded Students With Interracial Legacies, or UNC-CH SWIRL, which is the first multiracial organization on campus.

Global Soccer Society gives students a place to love soccer


UNC senior Hudson Owens thought there wasn’t enough of an outlet for the soccer lovers on campus. That’s why he started the UNC Global Soccer Society about a year ago.

Q&A with Stigma Free Carolina founders


Two years ago, graduate students Nelson Pace and Nikhil Tomar founded Stigma Free Carolina to reduce stigma surrounding mental health concerns. 

Trans woman of color talks race, prison and survival


CeCe McDonald is a trans woman of color, and in 2011, she was aggressively pursued by a neo-Nazi, transphobic man. After defending herself and killing another attacker, McDonald was sentenced to 41 months in prison.

New club brings wildlife to UNC


A new student organization will use reptiles and amphibians to teach people how to properly care for wildlife and nature.

UNC Urban Gaming Club's 'Room Escape' fosters teamwork

What sounds more enjoyable than getting locked in a room with five of your friends for 35 minutes as you try to solve puzzles and codes to escape?

TEDxUNC inspires reflection


TEDxUNC returned to campus for its fifth year on Saturday to discuss the human body.

Students want real food to be real issue


Only in recent years has the university known where the food they are serving comes from.

Microfinance finds a new name and a new focus


With a new name, Build the Hill, a Campus Y committee formerly called Carolina Microfinance Initiative, is looking to localize its work. 

Two pairs campaigning to be Campus Y co-presidents debate


Standing in front of a full house, four candidates explained how they would push to make the Campus Y more inclusive in the upcoming year.

All three candidates debate for the first time

"The Great South Campus Debate," hosted by the Black Student Movement, the Carolina Hispanic Association and the Residence Hall Association, added one more presidential candidate to the mix. 

With a new financial structure, SafeWalk is growing

With stable money now provided by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, SafeWalk is increasing outreach and expanding its program to help people get home safely.

Teach-in discusses the importance of campus voting


Tuesday night’s Voting Right’s Teach-In incorporated nine speakers, included an opportunity to register to vote and to sign a petition for an on-campus polling place, and ended on a sweet note with Ben & Jerry’s Americone Dream ice cream.

DiPhi debates claim Margaret Spellings should resign


No rhetoric was spared at Monday night’s Dialectic and Philanthropic Societies’ meeting. The topic of the debate: UNC-system President-elect Margaret Spellings should resign.