Topics: Student Groups and Organizations

There are hundreds of student groups and organizations on UNC’s campus. Categories include academic, cultural, religious, fraternity and sorority, ideological, political, media and performance. Find out more about the groups available on the student life website.

UNC White Student Union says it hopes to seek University recognition

Tension has risen on campus with racially motivated protests and spray paintings this year, and the newest group associated with UNC — a white student union — is already attracting protests.

BSM discusses what should change to improve UNC experience for black students


Members of Black Student Movement met in the Upendo lounge Wednesday night to discuss things they would like to see from the University administration to improve the lives of black students.

Final finance committee reviews fall semester

In its last meeting of the semester Tuesday, Student Congress's Finance Committee looked back on its fall legislative cycle.

Walk-Ons, Cypher conflict leads to concert

On most weeknights around 10 p.m., the Pit is primarily trafficked by students either filing out of the library, visiting the Student Union or walking home across campus. On Wednesdays, though, the Pit resembles a stage, complete with live music and a captive audience.

Long Story Short features small plays by UNC students

For the fifth year in a row, the writing for the screen and stage minor will give aspiring screenwriters and playwrights an experience ordinarily reserved for the most successful professionals in entertainment. 

UNControllables host spray paint workshop

The street art workshop put on by the student-run organization known as the UNControllables and started off with an introduction to the difference in the meaning and implication of “street art” and “graffiti."

Business by day, improv by night: A Day in the Life of Luke Miller


As the Chapel Hill Players concluded their Tuesday rehearsal before their show this Friday evening, the group of eight sat in a circle in a performance space at the Center for Dramatic Art discussing the night’s high points and pitfalls.

Event to bring attention to sexual assault and violence

At Speak Out!, Project Dinah members share stories of sexual assault and violence through the words of survivors.

Latina/o community at UNC promotes awareness of HIV

By Maria Prokopowicz

Staff Writer 

At the “Spread the Knowledge, Not the Virus” event free condoms and lots of information about sexually transmitted diseases were given to students. 

The event was held last night as a part of the Carolina Latina/o Collaborative’s on-going celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.

The event hosted by the Phi Chapter of Latinas Promoviendo Comunidad/Lambda Pi Chi Sorority, Inc. and the Almighty Alpha Chapter of Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority, Inc., was meant to increase awareness and inform students about the spread of HIV in the Latina/o community.

UNC students gather for opening ceremony of 'Hurston Hall'

By Acy Jackson

Assistant University Editor

Followed by the music of Nina Simone, student activists called for the end of white supremacy on UNC’s campus. 

Students gathered on the steps of the currently named Carolina Hall to hold an opening ceremony for Hurston Hall, the name that activists have been pushing for since last year. 

Over the summer, the Board of Trustees voted to change the name of the building from Saunders Hall to Carolina Hall along with a 16 year moratorium on renaming historic buildings, despite activists efforts calling for the building to be named after Zora Neale Hurston. 

"'Carolina Hall' is a sugar-coating of Saunders Hall updated for the aesthetics of 21st-century white supremacy: color blindness and multicultural diversity," said the statement released by the Real Silent Sam Coalition after the decision to rename the building. 

"This isn’t justice, it’s pageantry. We named this building after Zora Neale Hurston precisely because racist and sexist admissions policies excluded her and other Black women from UNC.” 

Friday’s event began with senior June Beshea reading out the released statement. 

“We will not honor William Saunders, an architect of white supremacy.

Big plans: BSM's first general body meeting


The Black Student Movement kicked off a new year with discussion, reflection and pizza Wednesday evening.

Letting go of mental health’s heavy stigma


Yellow shirts and yellow balloons covered campus on Suicide Prevention Day on Thursday, presented by Active Minds at Carolina, Embody Carolina, Stigma Free Carolina, National Alliance on Mental Illness and Rethink: Psychiatric Illness. 

NPHC event addresses how to interact with police


Sgt. James David thinks engaging with the community is an important part of his job.

One year down, Carolina Cupboard plans for the future

Coming up on the one-year anniversary of its opening, Carolina Cupboard has big ideas for what this next year can bring for students.

Sexuality and Gender Alliance launched its big-little program

The Sexuality and Gender Alliance introduced a little program to their club this year, but members hope it will have a big impact.

Dozen Doughnut Dash raises thousands for cancer center


The smell of sugary glaze filled the air as the first of the 480-dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts were unpacked.

African-American Greek groups pitch SASB plots

UNC’s African-American fraternities and sororities are honoring their heritage with a proposal for a garden of plots in SASB Plaza.

The Siren celebrates release of spring issue

A variety of student organizations exist on campus to raise awareness for social issues and participate in activism. The Siren, a student-produced feminist magazine, provides a resource for students to not only discover more about feminist issues, but offers a chance for students to make their voices heard through the written word.

Session tackles intricacies of Islamophobia with professor Juliane Hammer


Professor Juliane Hammer wants students to know that Islamophobia is not a disease.

Black Student Movement sends off seniors, looks to future


For many members of the Black Student Movement, the Umoja Awards are a time to not only reflect on the accomplishments of the past, but also look forward to what the next year will hold.