Topics: Student Groups and Organizations

Students to ‘speak out’ about sexual assault today

About one month after the University released its new sexual assault policy, members of Project Dinah will gather in the Pit to read aloud anonymous testimonials from survivors of sexual violence.

Tar Heel legend returns to talk sports business


For UNC basketball alumnus J.R. Reid, the question of whether student-athletes should be paid isn't a question at all.

Student group puts on paint-covered Twister in the Pit


To relieve some midterm stress, students turned to getting their hands and feet a little dirty in the Pit.

Dan Ariely debunks opportunity cost at Science Cafe meeting


Ideally, people would think about the opportunity cost of making a purchase, but Duke economics professor and best-selling author Dan Ariely knows people typically only think about the pain associated with spending money.

Student group event delves in Latina/o identity issue

It's not something that's talked about a lot. But for the Latino students at UNC, it's something that's felt everyday. 

SafeWalk appropriated enough money for October

Of the $25,000 Student Congress gave to SafeWalk during its meeting Sept. 21, $5,000 is a stopgap while the group meets with student government representatives to build a sustainable business model. 

Relay For Life kicks off year of cancer fundraising Friday


Performers will take the outdoor stage at Forest Theater tonight, but they won’t be affiliated with the theater department.

SOUL talks banned books, censorship


A group of about 15 students gathering Wednesday night in Greenlaw Hall to discuss the history of banned books agreed that banning literature keeps people from considering important ideas.

Real Silent Sam group draws attention to memorials


The Real Silent Sam, an activist group of students, faculty and community members, created a human replica of the Unsung Founders Memorial Wednesday to bring attention to the controversy surrounding it.

UNC Student Congress sets limits on funding

The Student Congress Rules and Judiciary Committee met Tuesday to discuss proposed amendments to the Student Code dealing with the May allocation of student fees to the for-profit business Buzz Rides.

Student Congress’ longtime veteran: Peter McClelland


Senior Peter McClelland can claim something most UNC students cannot — he has been a member of three different UNC Student Congresses.

Students smashed scales to challenge body image issues


Students attacked eating disorders with sledgehammers and baseball bats outside Davis Library Wednesday afternoon.

Roundup of trainings around campus: Sept. 18, 2014

Helping Advocates for Violence Ending Now, or HAVEN, is a campus organization that educates students on sexual and interpersonal violence.

'I am a human' panel discusses racial tensions at UNC


Ferguson, Mo., is more than 800 miles away from Chapel Hill, but conversations surrounding civil rights issues have become a topic of relevance everywhere.

SafeWalk loses student fee funding


After years of protecting students late at night, SafeWalk has found itself in a danger of its own.

Student group holds Worship at the Old Well


More than 20 students gathered around the Old Well Monday, singing and praying for the victims and perpetrators of human trafficking around the world.

Silent disco hosted by RHA quietly owns the night


More than 500 students partied in silence at a disco hosted by the Residence Hall Association on Saturday — the largest event in the organization’s history.