Topics: Student Groups and Organizations

There are hundreds of student groups and organizations on UNC’s campus. Categories include academic, cultural, religious, fraternity and sorority, ideological, political, media and performance. Find out more about the groups available on the student life website.

Experts debate minimum wage laws across country at UNC


Though introduced along party lines, two economic academics eventually found common political ground in their praise of community-set wages in a debate at UNC School of Law on Tuesday.

Muslim Student Association, others get Student Congress funding

After Duke canceled its scheduled call to prayer Friday, discussions of University resources for UNC Muslims students were brought to the surface. 

UNC student groups celebrate King through various artistic mediums

Some student organizations have chosen to let art speak for Martin Luther King Jr.‘s legacy this week. 

Modern Shakespeare holds ‘30 Plays in 60 Minutes’ auditions


The approach to the ongoing auditions for the Modern Shakespeare Society’s “30 Plays in 60 Minutes” is as unique as the performances themselves will be.

Film screening highlights farmworker injustice


National advocacy group Student Action with Farmworkers joined with UNC student organization Fair Local Organic Food Monday night for a screening of “Harvest of Dignity” followed by intimate discussions about the state of farmworkers.

UNC Swing Dance Club attracts up to 70 students every week

Each week, a nostalgic air of the early twentieth century fills Phillips Hall 385 as the UNC Swing Dance Club enjoys jazz music, lindy hopping and a whole lot of dancing.

SafeWalk gets some of its needed funding


SafeWalk, the student night-safety organization that has been scrambling for money since seeing its funding cut in September, secured $12,200 Monday from the Student Safety and Security Committee.

False Profits' last show of the semester was held Saturday

From smashing pies into each other’s faces to spraying silly string at one another, False Profits gave its audience plenty to laugh about during its second comedy show of the semester Saturday night.

Students march to football game for better visibility


An army clad in all black paraded through the Homecoming Day sea of Carolina Blue in solidarity.An army clad in all black paraded through the Homecoming Day sea of Carolina Blue in solidarity.

Mustaches raise awareness about prostate health this month


The thin, wispy mustaches that have popped up around campus are not just a fashion statement.

Students who practice spoken-word poetry reveal their processes


Those who perform spoken word poetry say they often draw their inspiration from what they know and what they’ve personally experienced. 

After recruitment, Dance Marathon enrollment close to record


The Pit will see significantly fewer people dressed in grape suits and tutus now that recruitment week for Dance Marathon — the most popular event put on by the recently renamed Carolina For the Kids Foundation — has finished.

Student Congress fills 17 of 18 vacant seats


The special elections for Student Congress took place Friday to fill 18 seats. All but one seat were filled when the elections concluded.

New group Sonder Market pushed out of Student Union

A new student organization was forced to relocate its supply storage after the Student Union asked the group to move on Oct. 29.

Tom Ross: Clothing licensing decision in January


UNC system President Tom Ross will wait until January to decide any changes to licensing practices at UNC-Chapel Hill.

The Gift walkway near the Union nears completion


At approximately 240 feet long and 40 feet wide, The Gift brick artwork outside of the Francis Porter Graham Student Union makes a statement.

CUAB spends less on 2014 Homecoming acts

The price tag for this year’s two Homecoming acts is easier on the Carolina Union Activities Board’s budget than those of past shows.

SafeWalk still without new plan to become more sustainable


Student Government is still working with SafeWalk to create a more sustainable business model after giving the group a $25,000 grant in September to cover its lost funding from the Student Safety and Security Committee.

Gay activists at UNC reflect on 40 years


When Chapel Hill Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt came to UNC as freshman in 1988, he was looking for a community, and he found one in the Carolina Gay Association.

Clef Hangers embrace new traditions


About 1,300 people packed into Memorial Hall Saturday night for the Clef Hangers’ annual fall concert — a night complete with Carolina Blue bow ties, flawless harmonies and an eclectic mix of musical selections.