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Saturday May 28th

UNC women not shallow enough for DTH columnist


Justin Wilcox’s column (“Don’t be afraid to look good, ladies,” Sept. 18) was incredibly offensive on several levels.

Mr. Wilcox’s patronizing, sexist tone is infuriating. He asserts that the pain caused by wearing high heels is “an easy problem to fix.” Clearly, women are just buying the wrong shoe size.

This is a ludicrous statement, not to mention condescending.

The pain caused by wearing high heels is not merely due to blisters, but also to the fact that most of your body’s weight has been transferred to the ball of your foot — ouch. I suspect that if Mr. Wilcox tried to wear heels for an extended period of time, he would be well aware of this fact.

Furthermore, Mr. Wilcox seems to think it is his responsibility to educate the ignorant females of this campus as to what men find attractive. Believe it or not, we are perfectly aware that high heels and lipstick are sexy.

Please excuse us if attracting the opposite sex is not our first priority when we attend class, take tests or study in the library. What a heinous crime!

Mr. Wilcox seems to believe that women should be willing to undergo considerable effort and pain just to attract men and “stand out.” I’m sorry that the UNC female population isn’t shallow enough for his tastes.

Ani Goerdt
Political Science, Spanish

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