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Thursday September 29th

Kvetching board for Nov. 13


v.1 (Yiddish) to complain

Dear Justin Wilcox: I saw you Saturday night in your basketball shorts at Qdoba. Don’t be afraid to look good.

To all the guys participating in No-Shave November: Shave — or we’ll start participating, too. Love, the ladies of UNC.

Dear twins: Can you two double team ME sometime? Thanks.

To the Caldwell bathrooms: You make me wanna hold it.

To the girl sitting in front of me in Psychology 101 who Googled “How to get pregnant”: I hear Bing has more reliable results.

Who decided that Miley Cyrus was good warm-up music for the men’s basketball team?

Dear foreign students in the UL: Just because you are speaking in a different

language doesn’t mean we can’t hear you.

Dear DTH: Thanks for Wednesday’s side of front page man-titty with my

morning coffee. Preesh.

Dear roomie: It’s time to trade in your low-rise jeans. I’ve seen your butt more than my own this semester.

To the guy who peed right in front of my apartment’s door on Tuesday night: I always wanted a moat around my castle.

I had to wait a full minute before I could send this kvetch in. Thanks, UNC Webmail team.

Overheard in Union: “He is so Asian, but he also looks black. He is so gangsta!”

Hey, Gossip Girls: Hate to break it to you, but sixth floor Davis is not, in fact, the Upper East Side — xoxo.

Dear UNC groundskeepers: Day by day you vacuum away all my fall fun.

Romeo: I know you’re deeply in love, but is it really

necessary to nibble your

girlfriend’s shoulder during the football game?

To the girls who thought I was Anoop Desai and took a

picture with me: Good thing you didn’t hear me sing.

To the two girls walking on South Road: No one wants to know what you would do if given the opportunity to “tag-team” Roy Williams.

To the girl who said she was surprised about a pimple because she doesn’t have asthma problems: How did you get into UNC?

To the man sitting at a

computer in the UL: Yes,

everyone upstairs can see you picking your nose. Nooo! Don’t touch the mouse!

To whoever left the glazed chocolate doughnuts in the UL: I hope you just forgot them and didn’t spike them with something, because I just ate them.

To the freshman with the huge golf umbrella: Compensating much?

Send your one-to-two sentence entries to,

subject line ‘kvetch.’

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