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Monday November 29th

Word on the Street: Are you voting in the midterms?

<p>Tran Nguyen is a first-year student at UNC.</p>
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Tran Nguyen is a first-year student at UNC.

With the 2018 midterm elections fast approaching, many UNC students are eager to exercise their right to vote. Others aren't. Staff writer Lyell McMerty asked UNC students around campus, "Are you planning on voting in the midterm elections? If so, what issues concern you the most? If not, why not?"

Tran Nguyen is a first-year student at UNC.

Tran Nguyen 

First-year media and journalism and music major

“Yes. I don’t think that there is one issue that I care about the most, but I am especially looking out for candidates who speak out about environmental issues as well as gun control laws and reproductive rights. This is just an extremely important election because so many crucial positions and amendments are on the ballot, and if we don’t take action to voice our opinions, we will be missing out on an opportunity to act on a civic duty and privilege that we have.”

Kristen Lennon is a sophomore computer science major.

Kristen Lennon

Sophomore computer science major

“No. I’m young for my age, so I couldn’t vote in the last election. I’m from New York, so when I came here I just never registered to vote, and I never found out how to register in another state.”

Michelle Zitney is a junior psychology major.

Michelle Zitney

Junior psychology major

“Yes. I’m not sure about what issues I’m concerned about the most. I am getting an absentee ballot from Burnsville, N.C. because we need more liberal people to vote in my hometown.”

William Kadlec is a senior sports administration major.

William Kadlec

Senior sport administration major

“Yes. My biggest concern during this election is the economy and the size of the job market in the United States when I graduate from UNC-Chapel Hill in May 2019.”

Jonathan Huml is a junior economics major.

Jonathan Huml

Junior economics major

“No. I’m not able to vote in this district, and I just don’t really care enough about politics to get a mail-in ballot.”

Gabriela Alba is a first-year environmental studies major.

Gabriela Alba

First-year environmental studies major

"Yes. Environmental issues probably concern me the most."

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