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Office DJ: Lana Del Rey, notice me please

Opinion Editor Laney Crawley holds up a Lana Del Rey setlist.

Many people say they can tell who my favorite artist is just by looking at me. I choose to take that as a compliment. 

Lana Del Rey: if you happen to be bored and can't get another Waffle House shift, head over to The Daily Tar Heel. This one's for you. 

There are plenty of other artists in my rotation, and I know better than to put on my Lana playlist when I get aux. 

However, Lana will always be there. She's my rock. 

She's where I go when I need a song about what it's like to be a victim of assault as a woman, worried that no one will believe you ("A&W" for the Grammy, please). 

I immediately put on "Born to Die - The Paradise Edition" on every car ride — an album with so many perfect road trip songs it should be illegal. 

I fully plan to walk down the aisle to "Bel Air" (her best love song to date). 

She understands me. And yes, she understands me more than she understands you. I am her number one fan. 

I've spent years curating this list. Blood, sweat and tears went into this. If I put half of the effort into Statistics and Operations Research 120 as I did this list, I probably wouldn't have had to pass/fail the class. 

I've ranked Lana Del Rey's discography from worst to best, perfect for people looking to change their lives for the better by becoming a Lana fan. It's also great for the hardcore fans like me, as long as you agree and offer no suggestions. 

This may sound pretentious, and that's because it is. If you're wondering who this girl thinks she is, I used to ask myself the same question. I'm not a music critic by any means. 

However, this past October, when I was blessed with Lana's setlist at the All Things Go Music Festival, I ran with it. I took it as confirmation that she loves me. She wants me to do this. 

So here it is. Hope you enjoy. 

"Blue Banisters" 

I fear this is my least streamed album. This is not to say I dislike the album. I could never. As her career progresses, however, she produces some no skip albums. This isn't one. I very much enjoy "Thunder," "Beautiful" and "Black Bathing Suit," but its lack of stand out songs is what landed it this rank.


Again, songs off this album aren't heavy in my rotation, although I do constantly stream "The Blackest Day" and "Religion." 

"Chemtrails Over The Country Club"

This album is often overlooked, which is sad because it really is great. It has a hopeful sadness to it which is really beautiful. Notable songs include the title track, "Wild At Heart" and "Dark But Just A Game.”

"Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd"

Her most recent album has a ridiculously long title, but that’s okay as the album itself is filled with top tier tracks. “Margaret” was my number one streamed song in 2023. I listened to it 400 times. 

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"Born To Die - The Paradise Edition" 

"Born To Die" is a stellar album on its own, but once she released The Paradise Edition, I fell in love. One of her most beautiful albums to date. “Lucky Ones” and “Video Games” are what I imagine entering heaven sounds like. 


This album means a lot to me. I play it to help me fall asleep. I play it when I need to sob. This album made Lana famous for a reason. 

"Lust For Life"

I absolutely love this album. “Get Free” will forever be my favorite song, and legitimately saved my life. Thanks! 

"Norman Fucking Rockwell!"

No explanation needed, I think. This genius album deserved more. NFR, you were robbed at the 2020 Grammys. Never forget.