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Sunday December 4th

Office DJ

Every week, our arts & entertainment desk asks a staffer to tell us what they're listening to.

Shelby Swanson
Assistant Sports Editor

Office DJ: Voted "Always Gets Aux"

"I have over 190 public playlists on my Spotify profile. Is this a sensible amount to have? In all honesty — no. And from a surface level, a lot of them appear to be the same, or fit similar situations and moods. But all of these playlists mean something different to me, and were created by me for me in a rare act of personal individuality."

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A young Preston Fore happily drives his toy Jeep through his yard.
Photo Courtesy of the Fore Family.

Office DJ: My I-40 soundtracks

"There is no comparable feeling of having the windows down, music blaring and venturing through multiple windy turns and even a few tunnels. It provides the most direct time for reflection, as you are forced to have two hands on the wheel, eyes straight ahead, thoughts with yourself and the car."

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Daily Tar Heel Co-Photo Editor Kennedy Cox riding her bike through Jetton Park in Cornelius, N.C. on Saturday, June 5, 2010.
Photo Courtesy of Ira Cox.

Office DJ: For when you need to go touch grass

"... I have made a point to incorporate both music and nature into my routine to ensure that I feel human. I have to constantly remind myself that there is more out there than my anxieties and my ruminations. When I touch grass, I come back to earth and reenter the real world."

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Paige Ladisic, the DTH's managing director of sales and strategy, listening to speeches at her farewell party Friday, April 22. Photo courtesy of Brandon Standley.

Office DJ: Songs that make Paige cry

"Before I short-circuit my keyboard with my tears, it’s time to say farewell with my parting gift: my very own Office DJ playlist, in honor of all of the students I’ve had the privilege of working alongside in the last four years."

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Leni Schenkel is the Assistant Copy Editor for the 2021-2022 school year.

Column: Compiling folk metal from my father

"I’m happy to say I know better now. Most girls are odd, and sometimes that oddness comes in the form of being the lead singer for a folk metal band. And besides, if I don’t tell anyone about the music I like, it’s like I’m ashamed of the gifts my father gave me."

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