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Friday August 19th

Office DJ

Every week, our arts & entertainment desk asks a staffer to tell us what they're listening to.

Assistant University Editor Liv Reilly in 2011. Photo courtesy of Liv Reilly.

Office DJ: Songs for life's road trips and pit stops

"These are the songs that are played as I make my way through whatever this crazy life is. These are the songs that are played as I try to make it through my first year of college. These are also the songs that were played as my dad and I drove through Texas for thirteen hours in one day and the only thing that kept us alive was praline pecans."

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Hannah Collett is an assistant copy editor at the Daily Tar Heel. 

Office DJ: Tunes for being homesick

"In some ways, I’m often less sick for home, the place, and more so for home, the feeling. But you can’t always recreate something so specific and intangible.  You can drive back to your childhood house, but you can’t drive back to your childhood, when you were a kid and everything seemed so simple. So, instead of filling up my gas tank whenever I wish I could be 'home,' I put on my sad girl homesick playlist. "

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Elizabeth Egan is the Audience Engagement Editor for the spring 2022 semester.

Office DJ: Songs to hold onto

"What brings me the most comfort amid the fast pace of life is music. I have always heavily associated songs with specific moments and people in my life, and when I listen to them again I am reminded that no matter how much time has passed, I will still carry those memories with me."

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Assistant sports editor Jeremiah Holloway walks across campus in preparation for this week's Office DJ.

Office DJ: Dark horse songs from musical geniuses

Truthfully, many popular artists have “hidden” gems in their discography that the casual fan likely knows, but only their most dedicated listeners can tell you what their best songs actually are.  Today, I’ve compiled a few dark horse songs from some popular artists that I think deserve some shine. 

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Assistant sports editor Hunter Nelson walks on Franklin Street on Nov. 16. Hunter is very fond of walking.

Office DJ: The playlist of a pure pedestrian

"The next time you see me strolling down Franklin Street, Bolin Creek Trail or anywhere else my heart desires, feel free to tap my shoulder and place a bet on what genre of music I’m listening to. My guess is that you’ll have an equal chance of predicting a coin flip."

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